Thank you letter after college interview

I had my college interview today, and I want to send a thank you e-mail to the alumni. English is not my first language, and I came up with this:

Dear [interviewer],

Thank you for taking the time to interview me for [college name]! You really helped me through my first interview by putting me at ease. I appreciate learning more about the student life, class requirements, and what to expect there. You were also so helpful in answering all of my questions.

I am strongly considering going to [college name] if I am accepted. I love how it offers a large number of courses and encourages students to enroll in them from a variety of areas.

Thank you again for your time and the opportunity.


[My name]

I’m not pretty confident with my last sentence in the 2nd paragraph. Does it sound awkward, is there a better way to word it?


In your first paragraph, “appreciate” should be past tense “appreciated,” you should probably delete “the” before “student life,” and you are correct that the final sentence in the second paragraph may not say exactly what trying to.

Maybe: I love how the college/university [pick whichever one is accurate] offers a large number of courses in numerous areas and encourages students to challenge themselves by taking courses in new subjects.

This is a very nice email and will be appreciated by your interviewer.

Thank you for the reply! It was really helpful.

It seems a bit like a form letter to me. Can you be a bit more specific about something you discussed?

I agree that the interviewer will appreciate getting the email! Good luck!