thank you note to interviewer

<p>I had my Georgetown interview today and I was wondering if I should send my interviewer a thank you note. Do you think it would be considered sucking up or a good thing?</p>

<p>i sent mine one. nothing wrong with being polite.</p>

I work in an academic office and can tell you that those who send in letters are looked upon in a slightly better light. Definitely definitely send one.</p>

<p>do u usually send them via mail or is it okay to email them?
would that make a difference?</p>

<p>I prefer to send my thank you notes via postal mail....but I've had a few occasions where time was an issue so I sent a thoughtful e-mail to the individual. </p>

<p>Either way....definitely send a thank you.</p>

<p>Nothing is better than a handwritten letter.</p>

<p>u know... im lame... i have the addy of the guy at home, but wanted to send it to him at work since i had my interview there... i wrote to the company and forgot to put ATTN:interviewer...AH!!</p>