Thank You Thread!

<p>I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but I would like to use this thread to thank all parents around the world for being there with us. In particular, I would like to thank those parents, who participated in my thread to help me make a crucial decision. I often felt depressed for going to a 2nd tier University; however, now I am more then happy to be where I am now, and it’s all due to this board’s parents! Thank you all!</p>

<p>Let me get this straight... You are a student, saying "thanks" to the parents that post on this forum?? (Not me BTW, because I just got here). This has to be the sweetest thing I have ever seen! :)</p>

<p>That is very sweet
I don't even know now that I think about it if my daughter thanked in writing the teachers who wrote recommendations for her.
I nagged her about it, but I left it up to her and she tends to get distracted....
hmm where does she get THAT from?</p>

<p>You are really nice to have posted that message. I am glad that you are happy in college. Continued best wishes to you!</p>

<p>You're welcome! So where are you? Tell us about it!</p>

<p>Hey hey - let me in on this Thanks Giving Festival.</p>

<p>Thanks to all the parents who helped me through sculpting essays, resumes, majors, concentrations, school lists, and everything else.</p>

<p>I don't know what I would have done without you!</p>

<p>Thanks again for everything you do.</p>


<p>I am a student. Details are in the thread "Parents, I need your help..." :)</p>

<p>I opened this thread for every one to have a chance to show appreciation -- Thanksgiving is only 20 days away :) So, please feel free to thank anybody you wish for right here, in this thread. I believe this is the most important thing to do, to let people know their work is appreciated very much. That's why I love Thanksgiving!</p>

<p>I expect nobody to perceive this post as an exaggeration.</p>

<p>ceo1093, most of us just gave an opinion about SUNY versus UT. You should make your own decision based on your own judgement. I am not trying to be a naysayer or anything and I gave the same opinion as all the other posters on that other thread but it just makes me queasy when someone makes a decision based on the opinion of a hundred or so internet strangers. So tell us what your decision is, but make it on your own. (It would make me feel better). And by the way, I haven't changed my opinion since then about SUNY vs UT.</p>

<p>Anyway, you are welcome and hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!</p>

<p>Ceo, Kids like you keep me coming back to CC. Happy thanksgiving.</p>

<p>I can't accept any thanks from the original poster, because I expressed no opinions in the thread he opened, but I want to respond to his invitation for other people to thank parents in this thread. A big THANK YOU to the parents who post on various forums on CC for their willingness to share information and the gut-wrenching emotions of the college application process. I appreciate what you share, even if I don't reply in a particular thread where you are sharing. Keep up the good work.</p>

<p>achat, </p>

<p>By no means, had I come here seeking for a person who could make a decision for me. My parents were not even aware of my wish to transfer, until I got my acceptance from UTA. What I am trying to say is that this far I am the product of my own decisions, but this particular time I had this strange feeling I might need some opinions. I turned to You, people, who I believed could enlighten me of the consequences of my either decision. I am very glad I did so. </p>

<p>Well, I decided to stay in my school, do the best I can and eventually go to a decent graduate school. I learned a very important lesson - "brand names" will not make me successful, it all depends on me.</p>

<p>ceo1093, from reading about your work ethic and experiences, you will go very far! Good luck.</p>