Thanking an interviewer...

<p>Can anyone please suggest an appropriate way to thank an interviewer? (in my case it was an adcom). </p>

<p>Have to reply to her by tonight...</p>


<p>Maybe try to write a handwritten note thanking her for her time (especially since you know her name and everything)?</p>

<p>thanks reeses for your prompt reply.....</p>

<p>the thing is that I want to e-mail her because in my case time is of essence here....</p>

<p>I actually e-mailed an adcom myself earlier this year thanking him for all of the help that he's given me throughout this entire process (There was a bit of a time crunch as well so that the thank you would remain relevant). I was thinking the handwritten way because I've had to write a few thank you notes to scholarship committees for intervews, etc., and I heard that that was the most ideal way to thank them. Hmmm... Maybe try telling her that her time was well spent, and briefly allude ot the ways that she's been of your service. Maybe also think about giving her an idea of your plans for next year. Be brief, but also, stay personal.</p>

<p>Did you talk about any interesting topics? China? Hemingway? Mars? Perhaps you can thank her and tell her you enjoyed the discussion on such things. If you just talked about the school, could you thank her for answering your questions and perhaps giving an honest opinion that's different from the brochures? Try to mention specifics in your letter, so she remembers you.</p>

<p>My daughter has sent hand written notes to each of the admissions folks who have personally interviewed her. Nothing excessive, just standard thank you format. She does try to mention at least one thing that she liked about the school during her visit or about something they talked about related to the school. She has followed up by email to a few of these people with additional questions. Just keep it short and sweet and most important HONEST.</p>

<p>As an alum interviewer (granted, not an admissions officer), I can say that I would love to have students thank me, no matter how they do it. One of them sent an e-card, which was sweet - just thanking me and saying that she enjoyed it. Another thanked me in an email later (hum, the Southern ones are good at this...). Anyway - I'm sure that, if time is of the essence, it matters less HOW you thank them than the fact that you are doing it, and doing it promptly. If you are really worried, send an email, thanking her for her time, and then a thank you note per instructions above.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for your invaluable input.I e-mailed her a thankyou note yesterday evening.</p>

<p>handwritten note.....perhaps enclosed in a card (blank on the inside) that reflects something the interviewer references as an interest of theirs. My son and his interviewer shared interest in a particular artist. He visited the museum gift shop and found a note card with one of the artists paintings on the front....and wrote a note inside where he mentioned what he enjoyed most about the interview.</p>