Thanks Re: Elderly Mom

<p>I am posting this here just to make sure everyone sees it, and then posting in the Cafe, as this is off topic.</p>

<p>Thanks to everyone on the "Subtext" thread who expressed concern and kind thoughts regarding my widowed mother (who fell, had surgery, had a bad time on the painkillers, and finally moved into temporary rehab). I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and ESPECIALLY your stories.</p>

<p>Well, some of us are really feeling the pressure of being the "sandwich" generation. I am facing sending the last child out of the nest and perhaps having then to bring in my elderly mother.....Don't get me wrong - I love her dearly and would do anything for her. But I am just being honest: this is really, really hard. My wife and I have spent the last almost 30 years with children in the house (wide range of ages - youngest is 17, oldest is 29) and we both thought we had a whole new world of travel, rediscovering ourselves and each others, etc. in front of us.........</p>

<p>Well, more in the cafe under "Sandwich generation: elderly parents and college kids"</p>

<p>Thank you again. What a wonderful group of people!</p>

<p>Bumping so people who are only online during the night (or my night in the eastern time zone, anyway) will see it and maybe head over to the cafe...haven't heard from slugbug (sp?) in the cafe yet - one of the main ones I wanted to thank :)</p>