Thanks to son, I saw this great movie

<p>My son and I trekked out to see IT MAY GET LOUD, a documentary about three rock guitarists from different generations. I am not musical at all, but I loved this movie. I was fascinated. One guitarist was from White Stripes, one from Yardbirds (Led Zeppelin?) and one from U2. Some movies are better in a theater with other humans, this was one. I wouldn't have noticed it if I didn't have a guitarist under foot. Another adventure I would have missed without him.</p>

<p>It is only playing two places here, in Chicago and Evanston, so you may have trouble finding it.</p>

'It</a> Might Get Loud': Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White riff on life and rock Music -
one of my favorite records is of Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck.</p>

The possibilities for other movies like "It Might Get Loud" are intriguing. Vocalists, with Mick Jagger, Eddie Vedder and Kanye West.


<p>um Eddie & Kanye? I don't think so.
Kanye</a> West Nearly Destroys Computer Blaming Bonnaroo, Pearl Jam For 4:30 A.M. Show</p>

<p>Howabout Eddie- Neil Young and Tom Jones?</p>

<p>Playing in a few places around the US</p>

<p>It</a> Might Get Loud – Release Dates </p>

<p>Sounds like a fun movie!</p>

<p>Looks like I have to wait until the 25th, but I have it on my calendar - thanks for the tip!</p>

<p>Meanwhile I went back with my sister and saw it again two days later. Not many movies you want to see again right away.</p>