Thanksgiving at Tulane

<p>This is especially for those aready at Tulane, especially concerneddad:</p>

<p>We're 11 hours away, and if our son comes home, it will be by train, probably--a full day's ride both ways. That's okay, and I'm sure he'll want to see his squeeze. But when do they REALLY get out of classes? Do the residence halls close--in case she wants to go there instead and <strong>sniff</strong> leave us here?</p>

<p>What have you done?</p>


<p>Well, we only have one year's experience behind us, but here is our story: Son was involved with long-time girlfriend and had plans to spend Turkey Day with her family in Dalllas. But, as the fates would have it, he broke it off with her in Oct. My wife was so distraught at the prospect of T-Day with son at home, that I bought tickets for the rest of the family to go to Vegas where her brother lives and parents were visiting.</p>

<p>When we learned that son's plans changed, we wanted to fly him into Vegas. But he had made so many friends, and had so many offers, that he wound up going to Ala. with friends and had 4 T-day meals!!</p>

<p>So, I do not know if the Cafe. stay open, it might, but my guess is that your child will either go home, or have a ton of invites from friends.</p>

<p>And, if the latter, there will be great weeping and wailing! I hope the mountains serve as temptation enough to get them to come home with HIM!</p>

<p>Well, let me see if I can prolong this discussion? I had just assumed that S would come home for Thanksgiving - want to see friends, at least, if not us ;). We live 1600 miles away, so it will be a plane. Do I go ahead and make reservations, which I had assumed, way ahead because air res will be tough? Or do I wait, thinking he may make other plans? </p>

<p>Aren't we lucky to have these new worries? Now that our kids are accepted and have made their choice, what would we do if there weren't more logistics to navigate?</p>

<p>This is a conundrum in terms of planning. Our D is now a freshman at a different college, so we too only have one year under our belt.</p>

<p>The way we approached it was that we did have her come home for Thanksgiving but not for Easter. It was two extra days off of school for T-day, she was only a freshman, AND T-day has tended to be a bit more meaningful in our family than Easter. So, for Easter she ended up being
invited by her boyfriend's family to dinner only a 3-4 hour drive away (as opposed to a plane flight. Plus by Easter, she actually had lots more friends who offered her options!</p>

<p>I'm assuming we'll also have our S (who JUST chose Tulane today) come home for T-day this year as well. We may adjust our plan in future years,
but it worked for us. Spring break, typically most kids will plan something fun and that usually means NOT coming home............</p>

<p>Curiouser, glad to hear your son's joined the family!</p>

Thanks! It feels SO good to have the decision behind us. And I do think it will be a great fit for our S. We're all very excited. I will be frequently this board more than ever as we get prepared for "launch".
Thanks for all your posts...I've really appreciated the help.</p>

<p>I wish mine would make her decision! Can't make any flight reservations when we still don't know where she is going.</p>

<p>Ctymomteacher, remember me? I live right down the road from you in A-Ville! If I come home for Thanksgiving (which I'm fairly sure I will) your son is welcome to ride with me. I'm definitely going to Tulane next year so if you want to pm me and talk go for it. And hey, if not carpool, he may have himself a friend on the train haha.</p>

<p>This is something I know about and can make my first post. I've been reading these threads for a while and decided it's time I join in. </p>

<p>My son is a sophomore at Tulane and a good distance away from home. His first year we decided that it was too short to fly home for only four days, but felt bad about it afterward. Concerneddad is right that your son will probably have someplace to go. Our son went to an open buffet at someone's home from his campus job. He said it was OK but the dorms do more or less clear out for the long weekend. This year he did fly home Tues. eve after his last class and returned Sunday. Thanksgiving was so late this year, it seemed like he just returned and then was back home for Christmas!</p>

<p>Jmmom, I don't think you need to make plane reservations this early. I think we made ours after he returned in Aug. and had no problem. </p>

<p>Good luck to your sons at Tulane! My son is very happy there.</p>