Thanksgiving Calendar

<p>Our daughter is an incoming freshman who will be flying to the Northeast for Thanksgiving. Apparently classes are scheduled for Wednsday, 11/24. On a practical basis are these classes actually held, is any work of significance done, do students attend and is attendance taken? If she comes home Tuesday night, 11/23 will that be much of a problem and is it common for kids to skip that last day before vacation?</p>

<p>It will come down to the professor. The school seems to make a point of holding classes that Wednesday morning; during my son's four years he had one prof actually schedule a test for that day, but that was an exception. If she can wait to see her schedule that can help.</p>

<p>FWIW, Thursday morning travel can actually be easier and (occasionally, though rarely) cheaper.</p>

<p>In four years, I never once went to class on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This past year, I missed the entire week. I would wait til after the first day of class to book a flight just to make sure, because like the poster above me said, every now and then there is an ***hole teacher who will schedule a test for that day.</p>

<p>The first year, we worried about this too, and we booked a flight home for Wednesday afternoon. We soon found out that nearly everyone's prof cancells class and nearly everyone is gone early Tuesday. I do have to say that it's a hoot at the airport watching all the reunions. It seems like everyone on the plane is wearing his/her college sweatshirt.</p>