Thanksgiving Traditions

At my inlaws, the meal was supposed to be around 1 and always was actually served around 3 or 4 ; we learned to pack a lunch for our children, who could not reasonably go without lunch until then!

As hosts, we aim to sit down for lunch, and usually hit that pretty well.

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Nothing says thanksgiving in Michigan like watching the Lions lose. And seeing deer trussed on top of (mostly) trucks but occasionally a sedan going down I-75.



We have Thanksgiving at my parents house each year. Since we are in Southern California we normally have great weather. We set up badminton, cornhole and horseshoes in the backyard to play while food is cooking. After dessert we play bingo for prizes. The adults and kids all get into the game and my mom wraps up lots of little goodies for prizes. A funny prize that my mom had a lot of at our 2019 Thanksgiving (the last one we all could be together at) was small hand sanitizers. When the pandemic started I joked with my mom that she knew something was coming!

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Another “watch the Lions lose” family here (but they were playing at Briggs Field when I started watching the annual debacle). We don’t have any set traditions, since we spent so many years sharing the holiday with my family, H’s family, my brother’s family & at our house … every year things could be different, and we were always flexible.

Now, D hosts. She & her H don’t like turkey, so he is smoking a bunch of meat. I am cooking a small turkey at home & taking it over (along with stuffing, which my SIL likes a lot). One tradition we started a couple years ago is to make a Napa cabbage salad that my mom enjoyed making - there are some fun family memories associated with it, and it allows my mom to be with us in spirit.

I will just be happy to spend some time with my kids & my GD.


Speaking of television viewing, we always have the Macy’s parade on the TV on Thanksgiving morning.
Back when there were video stores, we would go to Blockbuster on Thanksgiving Day and rent a movie. It must have been their busiest day because all the new releases were usually gone.


We always listen to Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” in its entirety.


@PacNW The Macy’s parade is always on here too. I grew up watching it every Thanksgiving morning. Fun Fact - D performed in the parade with the Mike Miller Dance Group (now All American Dance Group) twice when she was in HS. We attended the parade in person the first year she danced. It was really cool.