The 2nd edition of OG is easier than the 1st edition ?

<p>I've done 2 practice tests and that's my overall impression.
Any opinions ? And I think the actual test is supposed to be more and more difficult, is OG any longer relevant in difficulty level ?</p>

<p>perhaps you retook the same exams... 7 of 8 exams in the Official Study Guide are rehashed in the 2nd edition.</p>

<p>No no, I do two books consecutively :) I know the difference</p>

<p>SakataGintoki is correct: tests #4-#10 in the 2nd edition are the same as tests #2-#8 from the first edition. Tests #1-#3 in the 2nd are different and are actual SATs. If anything, recent U.S. tests have been on the easy side.</p>