The Affirmative Action Thread

<p>I've seen a lot of discussion of AA on this board, I thought we could have a healthy debate on the topic.</p>

<p>Another one?! GAHH, there are literally hundreds of threads people can search for if they want references regarding AA. These types of threads usually become troll-dominated, never-ending quotation wars "backed up" with misinformation and worthless external sources. Just stop while you can.</p>



<p>here we go again....</p>

<p>We don't need another one. There are thousands of them already on CC.</p>

<p>what exactly is affirmative action?</p>

<p>Affirmative Action is a program designed by the Nixon Administration. The original purpose is unknown, but now it's something for whiny kids on CC to yammer on about instead of studying or working.</p>