The ap class suggestion thread

<p>Post a class that you think they should make an ap out of. IMO anat and phys</p>

<p>more languages! AP Korean and AP Indonesian would be great for me, since I’ve been studying them for about 5 years.
But other than that,
AP Sociology? o.o
Also, about AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2, I think that it’s a terrible idea, they should just keep AP Physics B.</p>

<p>AP Philosophy.</p>

<p>I second AP Philosophy. Especially since we only have one class in my school that actively teaches philosophy.
I think they should have an AP Physics C for the “etc.” topics in Physics B. Fluids, Thermo, sound, optics, and modern physics. ESPECIALLY thermo. Actually, scratch what I said prior, make an AP Thermodynamics. It’s kind of important.</p>

<p>I could go for some AP Cooking, my microwave skills and grilling skills are holdin’ me back</p>

<p>AP Business or Business Administration?
AP Engineering would really be nice, a mix between math and science. It would be really interesting knowing how some science can be used in everyday life while in high school. But you would need to take an AP Science before. So you need AP Chem and AP Calculus AB or something before you take AP Chemical Engineering. Ah now that I realize it it would take too long. How about Accounting or Finance?</p>

<p>@michael543212345, I chuckled a little at this xD
I agree that there should be more language AP’s for languages with a lot of speakers like Arabic and Russian. I would definitely take AP Arabic :smiley:
Hmmm I’d also like AP Anatomy/Physiology and AP Theology should be interesting too (doesn’t have to focus on one religion but on all instead)</p>

<p>Ap marine science?</p>

<p>AP Astronomy or Forensics</p>

<p>I think AP Genetics or AP Agricultural Sciences.</p>

<p>Ap organic chemistry!!!</p>

<p>AP Physical Education - Sports fitness, except harder.</p>

<p>AP Physics D - Physics with multivariable calculus.</p>

<p>AP Calculus CD - The second part of BC along with multivariable calculus.</p>

<p>AP Euclidean Geometry - High school geometry with more rigorous proofs and dealing more with three dimensional figures.</p>

<p>AP Discrete Mathematics - Number theory and abstract algebra.</p>

<p>AP Marine Biology - Study of life forms that exist in aquatic environments.</p>

<p>AP Organic Chemistry - The first semester of the organic chemistry series.</p>

<p>AP Anatomy & Physiology - The study of animal body systems.</p>

<p>AP Asian and Oceanic History - A history class that goes more in dept into the history of Asia and Oceania.</p>

<p>AP Computer Science AB - Technically already “exists”, but they discontinued it. They could bring back a new version with some modifications.</p>

<p>AP Computer Science C - Requires a prerequisite of AP Computer Science AB.</p>

<p>AP Scandinavian Language & Culture - The history, culture, and language of Norse society and its modern day groups. Language component would probably be Swedish or Norwegian.</p>

<p>AP Indian Language & Culture - The history, culture, and language of Indian society and its modern day groups. The language component would probably be Hindi or Gujarati.</p>

<p>The average high schooler would probably never take any of these, except the one at the top. XD</p>

<p>AP Linguistics or Semantics or anything similar to those would be pretty cool.
I also second AP Philosophy and AP Sociology.</p>

<p>AP Theology - An indepth look at world religions. I always loved studying Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Shintoism, etc. in my history classes.</p>

<p>AP Theology would definitely be cool, especially for those of us who are required to take theology courses in high school. There probably should be some sort of math beyond calc BC because it seems that there are a good amount of students who finish BC before senior year. There should also be some sort of AP Business, which would be like an introductory business class, and AP Accounting because it doesn’t seem like there are very many AP options for someone interested in a business major.</p>

<p>AP history of the late 20th century to the early 21st, basically super modern history</p>

<p>-AP Earth Science
-AP Sociology
-AP Biochemistry
-AP Nutritional Science
-AP Korean Language and Culture
-AP Neuroscience
-AP Anthropology
-AP Eskimo Theory
-AP Hunting and Gathering
-AP Biochemicalphysicalnuclear Engineering
-AP Arabic
-AP Anatomy and P
-AP Botany
-AP Microbiology
-AP Linguistics
-AP Creative Writing
-AP World Literature
-AP Iron Metallurgy
-AP Hippie Culture
-AP Sewage Systems Maintenance
-AP Procrastination

<p>Maybe we could have an AP Etcetera class too, where we’re tested on random trivia.</p>

<p>Maybe something like AP Band or Orchestra? Music Theory is nowhere near the same… plus it would help people like me who are taking it as a class to not lose the GPA race and still pursue our passions.</p>

<p>Second AP Genetics and AP Philosophy!!
AP Hebrew Language and Culture- but that’s just me; I should be grateful there’s a freakin’ SAT2 :).
AP Theology could be interesting, though I’d have it more like AP World Religions and Cultures, which are really covered in other social studies APs- I learned a lot more about Christianity in AP Euro and Hinduism and Buddhism in World than I’d ever known before (I’m Jewish).
It would also be interesting to have an AP History of the Americas, like in IB, because South and Central American history has always interested me (especially as my grandmother grew up in Peron’s Argentina and my great-aunt, her little sister, is one of los desaparecidos).
rymugsy- LOVE that idea! The problem is that history is written by the victors, and as a lot of recent events do not yet have victors you’d have a hard time finding a consistent curriculum that wouldn’t cause a LOT of controversy… :slight_smile: It’s a problem with a lot of these history books that cover modern times, like Don’t Know Much About History- it gets VERY partisan towards the end.</p>