the application

<p>it ask me how long i live in ny
well i was in ny for my freshman year then i moved out of state
now i came back for my senior year
so that's one year when i was a freshman and another half year as a senior
what should i put?
one and a half or just a half year?</p>

<p>they basically want to know if you're just using a relative's address... i think you have to live in a place for 6 months in order to be classified as a resident... but i'm definately not sure.... try calling the admissions office?</p>

<p>If it just asks, "How many years have you lived in New York," I would say one and a half. </p>

<p>Some states ask how many years you've lived there out of a specified set of years (for example, how many years have you lived there out of the previous twenty-four months), but if there aren't specific directions like that then I think the total amount of time you've spent there would be fine.</p>