The Arts Abroad - neat opportunity during winter break

<p>Just want to put in a plug here for a great program at Rider. My S just took part in an optional study abroad trip during the Winter term (J Term) called “The Arts Abroad”. It was a 2.5 week trip to Istanbul and London led by Rider professors and it was totally focused on the arts. (From what I understand, the program always incorporates London and the other city changes from year-to-year.) The students did theatre tours, museum talks, saw shows, visited ruins, etc. Anyway, I just wanted prospective students to know about it since it can be difficult for BFA Musical Theatre kids to ever do a true semester abroad. For my S, this was an excellent way to get in a “mini” study abroad trip within the confines of his MT program. I don’t know how well Rider promotes this opportunity to new students, but my S really enjoyed it and I know he’d say it has been a highlight of his time at the University so far. </p>

<p>How cool! I saw him on facebook or myrider I can’t remember which but looks like a great opportunity.</p>