The AU Admissions Chat Sessions

<p>I just finished 'attending' one. It is a really great session and I recommend that everyone who is interested in applying to AU or who just wants more info on the school attend one. It's a really great way to ask a LOT of questions in a short amount of time, and since there are others there, you might even find answers to questions that you didn't even think about asking. I know I did.</p>

<p>Very informative. I totally recommend it.</p>

<p>I attended too! I was only able to part take in the end of the secession but you can pretty much ask whatever you want and get an answer right away! It's really great.</p>

<p>Glad you guys enjoyed the chat! Our online chats are an excellent way to connect with other students and an array of AU staff, alumni and current students. Also, if you can't make it to campus, this is another way to get a great "slice of life" regarding AU. More info about future chats can be found here:</p>

<p>Online</a> Chats | Undergraduate Admissions | American University, Washington, DC</p>