The Bad Teacher Thread

<p>After reading t151848p's thread about getting suspended because of an ignorant administrator, it made me wonder how such idiotic teachers even got their degrees. True, there are many great educators in this world who are knowledgeable and dedicated to enlightening us, but I've also had teachers who just don't give a about their students (sorry for the strong and trashy language...I'm mad) and who know nothing about their subject. One of them is my AP Gov't teacher, who even graduated from W&M!!! Such educators are obstacles to the students who are truly seeking an education and can even deter some kids from doing well. I've heard of many Academic (non-honors) courses in my school that are riddled with teachers who sleep during class, throw things at their students, or just give the kids a copy of the test as a "study guide" so that the class will pass. Are these people insane?! That's the future of America that they're screwing with, and it's all because they are too lazy to stir their brain juices and do their jobs.</p>

<p>Okay, I'm done ranting. ^_^ I just had to get that out because I'm tired of watching people's grades and futures getting hurt by crappy educators. Maybe the world's gone insane... or it's just me. If you've got anything to add, then p.o.s.t..i.t, man. </p>


<p>hahahah my AP Govt teacher last year was like that too (AP Gov teachers suck!). He graduated from Texas A&M. I couldn't stand him because he could not teach worth a crap and our entire class was doing not so well. Apparently he had a law degree but obviously he had no teaching degree because...he sucked! </p>

<p>My only junior year B :(</p>

<p>As was my sophomore year chem teacher...who was a confirmed pedophile (it was disgusting; I had to be in a class with him alone after school because of stupid debate making me miss tests). I was creeped out as hell and had to spend time with the counselor to avoid his class. He also had a thick accent (some kinda hispanic accent) andd no one in the class understood what he said. Less than half of the class passed.</p>

<p>Honors Chem teacher failed more than half of the class my sophomore year. Only two people got A's-- our 2 current class valedictorians. The next year, I took AP Bio with a teacher who didn't teach AT ALL. Our month went like this: free day, free day, work day (aka free day), movie, freetime, freetime, freetime, freetime, notes (OOOOOH), movie, freetime, freetimes. We BEGGED for those lectures. Not one junior got above a C in that class. I was one of them.</p>

<p>@makin it rain: my AP bio teacher blew too. Because I attend a religious school, she would not teach evolution at all. And she kept talking about jesus and god during our powerpoint lectures. She gave me an A only because I studied myself. Come AP time, no one in our class got above a 3 on it. I happened to be one of the lucky few who got a 3...</p>

<p>why do we have the worst science teachers?</p>

<p>My school offered an SAT prep course (half the year math, half the year verbal). The teacher who taught the math portion of the class was really good, the class was laid back but he made sure to get through a certain amount of material each week and he was always available to answer questions and such. The teacher who taught the verbal section was absolutely terrible. She spent half of each class preaching her misandric beliefs and talking about her ex husbands, and the other half putting on metaphysical displays such as reading people's futures. The only time anyone got to do any work regarding SAT verbal was when they were being "punished" for interrupting "story time".</p>

<p>I hate having to sit through classes that the teacher doesn't even care about.</p>

<p>OMFG I just wrote a nice response and my stupid #$@O) mouse exited out.</p>

<p>Okay, history teacher refused to round off my 89.9% semester score. Basically told me to deal with it, even though I completed 2 extra credit essays (which no one else did) and offered to wash his care. My previous score was an 89.3.</p>

<p>My school rounds off scores to the nearest point, so anything between 80-89= 3.5. I got straight As next semester but still ended up with a 3.83 because of first semester foul.</p>

<p>He left sophomore year. </p>


<p>My AP Statistics teacher is quite possibly the worst I've ever had in my entire high school career. When asked a question, she either stares blankly off into space and doesn't answer it OR she will say, "Ask your neighbor." When asked to go to the bathroom, she will respond with, "This is an AP class. Do you know what AP stands for? Advanced Placement. If you want to go to the bathroom, you should have taken regular."</p>


<p>My biology teacher could not spell "Tuesday" (Teusday) or "Scary" (Scarry). I almost cried.</p>

<p>My Physics teacher as so mean. He picked on a girl in our class because according to him she looked like someone that didn't get picked on and it made him want to do it. Since she never had issues with teachers, I think he saw her as a goody-two-shoes and disliked her for it or something. He only repeated himself once when he talked and didn't repeat again, even if the whole class didn't understand. He'd call us idiots in his own special way. He didn't use the word idiot because he'd get in trouble, so he just sort of...implied it. He was a slacker too. He came to class in sweat pants and I think twice in the year he didn't show up and didn't bother calling in for a substitute. He wasn't a coach or anything and was even the AP Physics teacher. </p>

<p>I think he liked his AP kids more than his Phyiscs I kids because I hear he actually tried to teach in AP, but since everyone in there had had him for Honors Physics I, they had no respect for him and slacked off. Some ditched class altogether, which didn't matter since he didn't take roll for AP kids. I pretty much kept my mouth shut and tried not to give him a reason to notice me. I failed a test once and came in for tutoring, which didn't help. All he did was give you the problems on the test and tell you to work them out on the board, but he didn't tell you what you did wrong until you were finished and if you couldn't finish, he didn't help you.</p>

He didn't use the word idiot because he'd get in trouble, so he just sort of...implied it.


<p>Haha, my physics teacher probably would have gotten fired anywhere else. He called us idiots, morons, and jokes on several occasions, and after my friend made a distasteful joke, he told him his father should have pulled out.</p>

<p>I didn't realize that there were crappy teachers at my school until i got into a class with Mr. Buckheit. He teaches U.S. gov, and he expects us all to be absolute idiots who sleep in class and skip class. Well, there's a very specific reason why he thinks all students sleep in class and skip his class. Because he's a horrid, boring teacher, not surprisingly. I'm a good student, I pay attention and all that junk, but this teacher, ugh, ugh, ugh. First of all, he spent 30 minutes of the 1st day of class taking roll and giving reasons why he has assigned seats. Then the next 15 minutes, he talks about how bad cell phones are to have in school, and what is so wrong with them, going over the new "no cell phones in school" rule, while there are about 2000 signs posted up everywhere saying exactly what he's wasting time reiterating. He also brings up the fact that his wife and him don't get along as well as they did because of cell phones. Then, the next day, he spends another 20 minutes doing roll again, and starts ranting about how he had to take a summer job, that made him again have sour relations with his wife. All the while, he is speaking in the most monotonous tone possible, and i'm absolutely dying. Then again, and again. I was in that class 5 days before I had to get out. My remaining friends are still in that class, strangling me for getting out while I had the chance, sleeping and skipping just to get out of the horrid nightmare of boredom that is his class (they are all excellent students too, btw). No one has learned anything, and all they do is take notes. Every time he asks for hands to answer his questions or debate and issue, though, there is a united front in that class that refuses to answer anything he asks. At least it was over at semester...</p>

<p>Gawd, lemme join the club.
@Nickel Xenon: reminds me of my Physics teacher too. Problem is that he taught Algebra II, Physics, AP Physics, and Basketball. He's even advisor for NHS which luckily I didn't get in because I really don't want to listen to his boring lectures outside of class.
It seems that he really wants to screw everyone's grades up just for the fun of it, lowering everyone's (I mean everyone) GPA. He also twists the test questions so that everyone couldn't get it right. -_- and I have to endure him for another semester, oh yay...
Whatever, just trying to chill out after that short tirade.</p>

<p>I have a teacher who mumbles (out loud) bolded phrases while reading the textbook to himself (silently). that is the entire class.</p>

<p>My Physics teacher was the kind of person that, if you made a mistake, would let the whole class know. If you were trying to ask something, he'd just say, "Stop. Just shut up. You don't make sense," and wouldn't let you ask anything anymore. He looooved to make fun of students and anyone could be the butt of the joke, so you had to be careful. Sometimes he was funny, but I doubt the person he was making fun of thought so. I liked it better when he wasn't making fun of us because those jokes were better. =/</p>

<p>Well in my physics class several students play Poker in the back...
its really disrespectful
i mean my physics teacher is cool but he just doesn't understand higher mathematical physics (a.k.a AP Physics C or IB Physics HL)
I went on myself and studied it all and got 5's on both (Elec/Mech)
but still idk
there are some crazy teachers out there
like my IB HOA (History of the Americas) teacher last year
we were supposed to be reading to study for the test next week
two students were sleeping though
my teacher <no joke=""> called them both "b####es"
i mean I know they were sleeping in class
but they didn't have any sleep cuz they were studying for a Bio test
teachers should know their limits
Plus my Computer Competency teacher (MS Office (word/excel/ not even atleast access)), suspended me cuz of a notepad "virus"
Basically I opened up notepad and then typed in "ha" and replaced it with "ha ha" about 5 times
it should've stopped at like 2^5=32 but it didn't..
then my teacher called it a virus
on my record it said that it was a threat to our school networks
like i was some sort of computer hacker
for one, I'm not a computer hacker
i'm a computer programmer
i really don't know why they wanted me to have a suspension though
i mean I always helped out ppl in that class
i even helped out the teacher like 4 times in that class
i guess that she didn't know what it was and then she just simply said, "VIRUS" and then thought it would have been easy to just suspend me and so she wouldn't look stupid
After reading Nickel Xenon's post, I have to add...
humiliation in front of the class is NOT acceptable
I mean teachers should get a whoopin for it
sometimes it helps ppl learn but most of the time it only hurts their self-esteem
and it always makes u feel animosity with your teacher
take for example my honors physics teacher
not the one i talked about earlier...
you see I switched high schools during my sophomore year and I took honors physics at both schools
at the 2nd school the physics teacher said that I would be lucky to get a "3" on the AP Physics C Mech exam
turns out I get a 5
plus the AP test helps out our school's API ranking
and it gave my Physics teacher some honor paper from the AAPT
the physics teacher <no joke=""> left the high school
i don't think it was me but it could've been
teachers have problems just like we do..
they just need time to learn themselves
thanks for making this post
it is the most valuable piece of education any high school student/teacher could get

<p>My English teacher this year is this very conservative Christian person. Basically everything we read/watch in class has to do with Christianity. During class he tries to convert people too. If you don't share the same beliefs with him (like on abortion), you're screwed. I definetly don't share the same beliefs so he pretty much hates me and wants to fail me. This one time i said "oh my god" and he flipped out on me and was like don't use the lords name like that!</p>

<p>Ugh! I hate my computer! It brought me back a whole freakin page when I was done typing and now I have to do the whole thing again!</p>

<p>Anyway, we had many teachers for Honors Government this year. The first one started as a substitute teacher in North Florida, then became a litigation attorney in South Florida, then became a substitute teacher for the public school system in South Florida, then became a full time teacher at my private school because he "didn't like the public school environment."</p>

<p>He was actually one of the few Gov. teachers that taught us anything, but he made some strange remarks that got the administrators' attention. He was talking about an upcoming school football game with some students when he jokingly asked if he knew any "hot moms" he could meet. On a test we had, the last question was:</p>

<p>Old McDonald ______</p>

<p>A. had a condo
B. had a Farm
C. ate McNuggets
D. was gay</p>

<p>That teacher was then asked to leave. We then got another one who was actually very impressive and just got her undergrad degree last spring in criminology. She was already the school's new soccer coach so some students already knew her. She actually did the material, held debates, and kept us involved. Awesome, until she said she didn't feel like she could "give us the best education possible" and left. BS.</p>

<p>We then got ANOTHER teacher that was one of the worst I have ever had. He couldn't spell even the most basic vocab words if his life depended on it. This guy did it all.</p>

<p>Senater (Senator)</p>

<p>Congriss (Congress)</p>

<p>Populachion (Population)</p>

<p>Govermet (Government.....HE CAN'T EVEN SPELL HIS OWN FREAKIN CLASS!)</p>

<p>He was then also asked to leave. By then, my school was out of options and my GUIDANCE COUNSELOR became our teacher! Guess what? She was by far one of the best teachers I have ever had my whole life! Of course, she can't continue being a teacher, so the school is getting another one over winter break for the economics second-half of the class. Please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck.</p>

<p>Your SAT verbal teacher sounds awesome! That would be such a fun class... :) Metaphysical displays! Who needs SAT prep when you can have metaphysical displays?</p>

<p>Stay far away from any science (especially chemistry) teachers who have PhDs... very, very scary and makes the subject intolerable.</p>

<p>^ Haha, my chemistry teacher had a PhD; he prepared us really well for the AP test.</p>

<p>Worst teacher I've had was Current Issues junior year (luckily I was only in that class for a term). I go to an extremely conservative, very religious school. People are generally pretty tolerant, but Current Issues was terrible. My teacher picked on me practically every day because he knew I was a leftist. He spoke to me condescendingly and called on me for my opinion on EVERYTHING. Then he would argue with whatever I responded with.
Terribly unprofessional.
The class was no better... One kid actually proclaimed that global warming couldn't possibly be happening because "it's freezing outside". And he was serious.</p>