The "Bag A Week" Club

<p>:) The NY resolution thread has many saying they have a goal of purging a bag a week in 2014. Great idea - donate stuff or trash stuff. </p>

<p>Thought it would be great to keep each other on track to share what cracks, crevices, drawers and corners of the basement and attic we conquer as we go through the weeks and share what we are tossing - for motivation, for inspiration and for ideas on areas we can all reduce. </p>

<p>Are you in??! :)</p>

<p>This morning I started with a small bag - I have a small desk area in the kitchen and purged MANY old coupons, warranty info that has expired, receipts galore and other paper junk. </p>

<p>Let the purging begin!!!!</p>

<p>I'm in, abasket - and thank you!!! I am not even going to take credit for the TWO bags of stuff my oldest d, who is 30 and has her own house to clutter, took with her when she left after a holiday visit. Today I am going through all the empty gift boxes and wrapping paper, deciding what to keep and what to recycle. Ordering so many gifts online has created a box shortage here, but I'm only saving those in good condition.</p>

<p>This thread gives me hope - brilliant idea, abasket.</p>

<p>I think this may be the NY resolution that will really stick for me! Imagine a clutter free home - and all the calories we'll burn filling the bags! I'm in!</p>

<p>me too! </p>

<p>I am on vacation but promise to start next week</p>

<p>I have 3 grocery bags full of S's outgrown clothes that I promise to bring to the Goodwill bin today. :) They've been sitting in my bedroom (??) since S cleaned out his bureau about 9 months ago.</p>

<p>Do you find that the longer the "stuff" sits there, the more you don't even notice it??</p>

<p>ETA: Shows how much I don't notice it, there are FIVE bags, not three. :eek:</p>

<p>I'm right there with you, abasket. So sad to say, but my purging started even before Christmas but I never made it to the dump. Now with my New Year's resolution, I'm committed.</p>

<p>From experience, the "easy" stuff will be old, frayed clothes that have been washed too many times or rejected by my kids. The harder stuff will take lots of time and concentration: papers and books. As a former teacher, I have a really hard time tossing pages that could be used in a lesson or has great memories. </p>

<p>I need helpful hints for those. What's that one I've heard before: something like "if you touch it three times, but never use it with the past year - time to toss." And in that TV show about hoarders, they were told to put things in three piles: toss/save/the maybe pile. My problem is that "maybe pile" overwhelms me. If anyone can share how to effectively purge, please share.</p>

<p>Limabeans, my suggestion for the paper stuff is to scan it (or photograph it) and save it on your computer. You do need to set up your files and naming system in a way that will allow you to find the stuff again! We did a pretty thorough clean-out before a remodel two years ago, and I did that with a lot of paper "stuff." It was especially good for things like science fair boards and elementary school art projects. We got rid of even more stuff--not by choice--when our basement flooded during the Colorado flood this September. I do have even more stuff I need to purge, so I'm in!</p>

<p>I'm in. I can't stand clutter.</p>

<p>Sounds good to me, count me in!</p>

<p>My better half thinks that I should join this club to clean my study.
I think that she should join to trim her closets.
And, certainly, our high school senior son could join to purge the recreational items and clothing he's outgrown.

<p>Would it be insulting if I ask my sister if she wants the clothes that no longer fit me? (I have dropped many sizes.) I could fill a couple bags right there, and she does not have a lot of $$ to buy new stuff. I would donate it to a women's shelter otherwise, but don't want to embarrass her.</p>

<p>Any suggestions for who would take VCR tapes?</p>

<p>I'm too embarrassed to say how many bags I have purged in the last month or so.
This thread will motivate me to keep on track</p>

<p>I started before Christmas and have a few bags of clothes still sitting here ready to go. I usually purge twice a year but I like the monthly idea - easier to do in smaller chunks of time.</p>

<p>I am in!!! </p>

<p>Started before reading this thread with intention to clean up the house. </p>

<p>The first box is all used medicines. It turns out, we have at least three cabinet full of all old meds - some are over 15 years old. </p>

<p>The dilemma I have is about those Chinese herb supplements. One of the unopened boxes has a $49.50 price label on it.</p>

<p>I'm in. We don't have nearly as much as we used to because we moved a little over a year ago, but I think it's time to get rid of the stuff we thought we'd use in the new house but won't.</p>

<p>This is a great idea! I shared with DH, and he says he gives it a week, with a kitchen-sized trash bag, but I think this thread is going to help me stay accountable :). Here's to "Gettin' the closets clean in 2014"!</p>

<p>I'm in. In fact, I have been in for a long time. It is a constant struggle to keep up with the stuff that we no longer wear or need but that takes up precious space. Also, another of my resolutions is to keep my room clean and not let the clothes pile up. So this is great motivation!</p>

<p>I'm in! I did this a little before Christmas, but not nearly enough. I've got two weeks before classes start--I'll try to get a jump on this while it's quiet.</p>

<p>(As far as VHS, I'm embarrassed to say I through a lot out; I surely could have found some place to donate...)</p>

<p>In. Thanks for starting this!
Got my bags started and some are even going into the trash:
-old batteries going to Fire station for recycling
-old medicines going to Fire station for recycling
-random cords, chargers that I have no clue what they belong to, going to Best Buy for recyling
-some of Goskids' MP3, other electronics going to Staples to see if I can get a few $$
-styrofoam peanuts from Xmas gifts going to UPS store for recycling
-a whole box of Xmas decorations (that, when putting out in December, I just decided
they were not as beautiful or necessary as I thought) going to Goodwill.</p>

<p>not to mention basic trash from Christmas. And, does anyone else have shoe boxes full of old photo Christmas cards? Hate to part with the memories, but seriously, not even sure who some of them are!</p>

<p>Clean closets in 2014--yes!</p>

<p>Do yourself a favor and wait to visit Goodwill or your local thrift store for a few days! </p>

<p>I went yesterday and those poor employees were overwhelmed with donations. They were blocking every aisle in donation center.</p>