The "Bag A Week" Club

@1214mom - I think he will be if he can get over us throwing out trash. He has some wonderful tools buried under the junk in the garage. Maybe he can find something fun to do with his time if we unearth them.

@VeryHappy thank you! Yes, it’s changing one way or another.

@swimcatsmom - Sending lots of good vibes for successful clean out days!

May the decluttering be swift and successful for you, @swimcatsmom!

@swimcatsmom can you report the leak and damage to your homeowners insurance?
Great news on the dumpster and the young strong helpers.

Yes, great news for you, @swimcatsmom, and good luck!

@mom60 we have a $2000 deductible ant the carpet is 30 years old. We decided insurance wasn’t going to cover anything so didn’t report it.

@swimcatsmom - But is the damage only cosmetic? We had flooding that ended up with ceiling repair, new bathroom floor, and drying fans running in the hose for days. The estimate was truly shocking, and the settlement (after our $1000 deductible) was enough to cover our repair costs with a bit left over because I chose the repair teams carefully.

Goodwill run yesterday: half a dozen shirts, a pair of boots, twenty paperback books, and two lawn chairs.

I just got rid of a storage unit!

We’ve been renting two as part of emptying late MIL’s house, and today an upholsterer came to pick up three pieces we’re having done. They were the last contents, except for the broom and dust pan I brought home with me. We can take our time with the remaining one, but two felt really bloated to both of us. Huge sigh of relief.

D1 is moving across the country and, in an effort to help her, I stopped by her apartment that she’s vacating at the end of the month and took 4 big bags of clothes, accessories, etc. from her and dropped them off at Good Will today. She also told me how much she’s thrown away. I’m proud of her!

Interesting article on decluttering:


This was a wonderful surprise:

I needed my “work in the garden” clothes yesterday so I opened the appropriate drawer, anticipating having to paw through the crowded bunch in order to find what I needed. I had forgotten I Kondo’d that drawer. What a delight as I opened it and could immediately see what I needed and grab it easily!

It sparked joy.

(Yes, I lead a sad little life, but I’ll take what I can get!!)

@VeryHappy then we’re a pair – I have to suppress jumpy claps whenever I go to Goodwill!

Make that three of us! Trips to unload stuff spark joy. I also can’t stand flat surfaces covered with stuff, so two tables with nothing but an orchid in the middle spark joy to me. Mister knows better than leaving his crap on them. :wink:

^^makes 4 of us. I LOVE getting things out of the house, into my trunk and dropped off at GW. My D is moving and had 4 bags for GW. I was visiting with her and near her house and offered to take them. She works f/t and lives in a city w/o a car and was thrilled to pass them off and I experienced joy when I dropped off HER bags at GW the next day!

Our 30 yard dumpster is mostly full. I kept it 3 weeks overdue (I know from experience they don’t usually charge the full rate). I wanted it FULL! S1 added some remodel junk from his house and ours included a barn, shed, everything we could get from the house, and storage units.

Had a contractor out to see about building a small loft in the barn for storage. I can move totes home and go through them more leisurely. I know I can pitch/donate more, as I was in a rapid downsize from 6000 SF, a fast forced sale, and going through 55 years of emotional weight. Yes, my mom had not thrown out anything from my childhood, and I had done the same with my kids. I tell my kids, “Do NOT do this.” It doesn’t matter if you have the room. Purge along the way.

Another Goodwill run – here come those jumpy claps! – MIL had tens of linear feet of magazines she kept in those magazine file things. The periodicals are going to recycling, but the holders are a very tough vinyl-covered cardboard. I swear I feel like a lottery winner every time the donation center takes something like that (“Are you SURE?”) but they swear they can both use and sell them.

Back from the transfer station – decades of magazines, tens of linear feet of magazines, many pounds of magazines – all gone!

Many bags ready to go. Cleaned out the hall closet. H contributed 1 pair of shoes and one decades old jacket that I have hated for years. My closet is quite reduced (in my case not such a good thing–I hate shopping and clothes in general)
and some to go. I simply love to purge. Still swear it all procreates overnight.
LOL H worked on the foot high of magazines and reduced by two magazines in over 1.5 hours. He leaves for 10 days soon and he will have 5 inches left of his stack when he returns. He was warned.