The "Bag A Week" Club

Another Goodwill run – here come those jumpy claps! – MIL had tens of linear feet of magazines she kept in those magazine file things. The periodicals are going to recycling, but the holders are a very tough vinyl-covered cardboard. I swear I feel like a lottery winner every time the donation center takes something like that (“Are you SURE?”) but they swear they can both use and sell them.

Back from the transfer station – decades of magazines, tens of linear feet of magazines, many pounds of magazines – all gone!

Many bags ready to go. Cleaned out the hall closet. H contributed 1 pair of shoes and one decades old jacket that I have hated for years. My closet is quite reduced (in my case not such a good thing–I hate shopping and clothes in general)
and some to go. I simply love to purge. Still swear it all procreates overnight.
LOL H worked on the foot high of magazines and reduced by two magazines in over 1.5 hours. He leaves for 10 days soon and he will have 5 inches left of his stack when he returns. He was warned.

OMG, the magazines. DH has thousands of them. Literally thousands. I completely understand your husband taking 1 1/2 hours to get rid of two magazines. He had to read them both cover to cover, didn’t he. DH has an entire dormer closet (very very deep) filled with magazines. When I suggest he go through them, he takes out the piles and then leaves them out for months while doing nothing with them.

Every once in a while I’ll just make some of them disappear, and of course he has no idea, because he has no idea what he has in the first place.

I have pointed out that any article in any of those magazines can be found on-line, but he’s still ridiculously anal about keeping them.

If anyone has a solution to the Husband/Magazine problem, I’m all ears.

@VeryHappy not a solution, but perspective. DH is thrilled to have all these (genealogical) publications of his mother’s gone, but he still likened it to an amputation. As in, traumatic but necessary to preserve life. Continuing on this theme, he also likened being burdened with hanging onto all this as a gangrenous infection. For my husband, he had to see that keeping things was more painful than letting them go. Purging is still wrenching for him, but he finally realized he can’t breathe if he keeps everything.

If they’re “geneological” publications, then they are probably of some value, and I hope he was able to donate them. My DH has Sports Illustrateds from the Year Zero and his alumni magazines from before the flood.

My neighborhood Goodwill became so high-end!! My furniture got denied at the donation center three times now!

One was a very heavy solid wood office bookshelf. It was in great condition except for the little water damage on the top. We covered it with a runner and it looked fabulous. The staff looked at it, thought about it, and said no.

Another one was a bookshelf without the back. You can see the other side. It’s supposed to be like that. But the staff wouldn’t take it saying it’s missing the back. Grrrr.

The last one was a cute painted chair we got from Goodwill several years ago. My daughter used it in her room. The paint was chipped at one small area of the seat but it’s still very bright-colored, sturdy, and serviceable. Now she’s gone off to college, we decided to donate it back to Goodwill. They didn’t take it!! The staff whispered, “My boss is behind me so I can’t take it. Sorry.”

My husband and I went in Goodwill after that and found very nice Ethan Allen furniture on display. No wonder they didn’t take our furniture!

@HiToWaMom I couldn’t find a “my mouth is hanging open” button!

@VeryHappy oh how we tried to donate them. I’ve been on phone, emailing, and going places in person. Genealogical societies, two kinds of libraries, historical society . . . nothing. :frowning:

@HouseChatte: Try selling them on eBay??

Our Goodwill has a drop off area. No one inspects the stuff!

Ours too. They have no idea what’s in there until I’m a mile down the road!

I had to take them for recycling. There were just too many of them, the only place for them in the house was in the dining area and in our entry. I was tempted to do a drop and run at Goodwill, but they told me they couldn’t take them when I asked, and almost all the magazines had MIL’s address label on them. We’re still swamped with books, papers, and personal effects from MIL and I just can’t midwife the disposition of everything beyond a few good-faith attempts. It’s so crushing being surrounded by all the things she decided to amass and keep.

@HiToWaMom, is there a church or agency in your area that works directly with immigrant families? They might be able to facilitate your donation.

Husbands and magazines - oh, the humanity. My husband thinks he has every issue of Consumer Reports and Golf Magazine published in the past 40 years. I’ve thinned them out considerably, but there are still so many. Really - who cares what dishwasher CR recommended in 1981?

@HouseChatte I am breathing easier just picturing how much you’re getting rid of - well done!

I envy you guys whose go-to Goodwill don’t have staff waiting to inspect your offerings.

Trying to reduce the number of CDs. I’ve been listening to the maybe-pile CDs during my commute instead of listening to the radio. It’s rather daunting. (and what do I do if I love only one or two songs of the CD? Keep? Pitch?)

For the books, we go to Half Price Books. They sort the books you bring in into “toss”, “donate to library” and “sellable”.
They pay you cash for the “selllable” books. With that money, my husband and I visit Trader Joe’s next door and buy cheap wines to celebrate the purging!!

Looking for an update from @swimcatsmom. Wasn’t she getting a dumpster delivered?

Also waiting for her report

I have avoided even reading this thread, if that gives you any idea of my finely-honed procrastination skills and the vast amount of crap (ours plus both sets of parents who moved into memory care in crisis mode without ever having downsized) we’ve accumulated! I would love to send the entire contents of the garage off in a dumpster; we haven’t been able to park a car there since DD was in third grade (she’s 26 now). Over the Memorial Day weekend, both DH and I spent some time going through piles in the master bedroom and study, resulting in a trunk load to Goodwill and a couple of large black trash bags by the curb.

I have calendared daily smallish jobs for myself for the next two weeks. Today’s was the cabinet under the master bathroom sink and my makeup drawer (yesterday’s was the kitchen junk drawer). So my progress is not dazzling, but if I can keep going (not to mention if DH continues his efforts), it will start to make a big difference. I feel encouraged - had really underestimated the degree to which clutter exhausts us psychologically.

^^ sounds like a great start, @yauponredux! Good luck!