The BC

<p>Haha, just thought this was really funny…
they made a knockoff of the OC.
It’s actually good. Just posted it for a kick.</p>

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<p>hahah yea, i've seen that. it's pretty hilarious. =)</p>

<p>you should probably all watch the commercials they have for it too.
my favorites include:
-Saint Ignatious Started The Fire
-Jon Bon Jesuits
-Roger Woosley Gets Punk'd</p>

<p>funny stuff. :D</p>

<p>The BC thing was actually on the nightly news a few months ago (december or janurary...not sure whether NBC or ABC). It was a story about how addicting the "soap opera" type nightly dramas are on tv, and how students at BC had created something like the OC. Perhaps some other people saw this?</p>