The beauty of live music

Son’s trio is on their first tour in a year. Tonight’s gig was also available on livestream and of course I tuned in. Their joy in performing for a live audience was palpable. The energy of the live audience jumped off the screen. Those of you embarking on the journey can be certain that music will be an important part of our future and our culture. So looking forward to that future!


Son’s trio arrived safely back in NYC, thankfully with no Covid issues. The venues were conscientious about precautions such as air filters, mask wearing, distancing and cleaning. And the trip was definitely energizing for him and the group. A couple of the dates on the tour were at universities where the trio taught a class for the jazz students and then did a performance that was open to the whole school (albeit with limitations on attendance). He said the students were really enthusiastic and appreciative of the live music.

It’s definitely been a tough year with virtual auditions, and online teaching, and live music shut down or significantly restricted. But it’s great to see the admissions decisions coming in on the other threads. Hopefully by the time you/your kids are heading off to school in the fall, the world will be closer to being back to normal.


Now fully vaccinated, just booked tickets for my first live jazz club show in over a year. Also planning to catch my son’s outdoor live gig tomorrow. Very much hoping that live music will be more than a novelty in the not too distant future.


Good news indeed. My D was contacted in the last two weeks from opera/music companies (regional and city) about tentative openings the first week of Oct. She’s already committed to one as it closed in preview in March 2020. Nothing is public or set in stone yet…but for the first time, dates are being discussed. She was also just hired for an outside theater performance which begins rehearsals next month. And…she has 3 commercial gigs this month…prior to that it was 0. So things are ramping up…for now. I just hope I don’t jinx anything by writing this.


Live music is one of the things we miss the most. We are going to our first live outdoor, socially distanced performance next week. Can’t wait!


@bridgenail , that’s fantastic that your D is getting back to gigging. It definitely feels like live performance is starting to come back - and I hope I don’t jinx anything either! But my son is getting some bookings again for the fall and for 2022, and even another short tour next month. Hopefully they’ll manage to stay on the calendar.

Today’s outdoor gig was a ton of fun. The energy of live music can’t be matched. @momofboiler1 , hope you enjoy the outdoor show next week!


I found this story both sad and hopeful:

If cc doesn’t allow the link, you can google “Improvising through the pandemic”.

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Great news!! Cincinnati Opera is having their season this year at an outside park/venue. Carmen, Tosca and Barber of Seville. So excited to get back to live music.


If you’re fully vaccinated and feel comfortable doing so, I would encourage you to venture out to a live music event. The show we went to made us feel alive and the musicians were definitely feeding off the energy of an enthusiastic (though limited seating) audience. The show was also live-streamed, so it reached a broader audience as well, but for the 15 of us in the room, it was truly special. We’re already planning our next show. If you’re not comfortable venturing out yet, there are many shows being live-streamed, so you can look for music online (and tip the musicians online if you’re so inclined).

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