The best and worst of Trinity College CT

<p>What is the best and worst thing about Trinity College? What is campus life like for students? Food? Dorm?</p>

<p>Best: Its a haven for prep school students and popped collar fokes who are smart but still know how to party.</p>

<p>Worst: Its in the ghetto.</p>

<p>The area Trinity is not a ghetto, the only people who would say that are those who have never seen a bad area. Its far from the Hamptons but after visiting it makes you appreciate the beautiful campus. After actually visited now, I look back and like how it felt being on campus and stepping off. Like the city is so close, yet so removed. </p>

<p>The library i felt was lacking and felt sort of cold....</p>

<p>There did seem to be a LOT of preppy looking kids. theyre everywhere though..</p>