The Best and Worst

<p>Hey, I'm a rising senior from SC. My dad is a Lafayette grad, and while I really liked the school I'm concerned that it's so small. This led me to look into Lehigh (yes, I'm aware that they are huge rivals), but I don't know much about it and have never seen it in person. So I'm curious as to what are your favorite and least favorite things about Lehigh? Also on a side note, do you think being from SC would improve my chances for admission? Thanks!</p>

<p>mav, please don't mention to your father that you are considering Lehigh - since he is a Lafayette alumnus you will give him a heart attack.</p>

<p>with 4,800 undergraduates and 2,000 graduate students on 1,600 acres, Lehigh is almost the perfect size for many.</p>

<p>Strongest areas are Engineering and Business.</p>

-social life is great. #14 party school in the country by playboy (you will never beat lehigh-laf week, st. patty's day and the newly reinstated greek week... not to mention the regular parties tuesday through saturday nights)
-academics still come before partying- work hard, play hard mentality
-job/grad school placement is killer
-so much support whenever you need anything from the administration
-one of the best fraternity/sorority affairs teams in the country</p>

<p>least favorite:
-way too many culturally unaware, self-obsessed, obnoxious kids from north jersey
-campus is really divided between greek and non-greek life</p>

<p>those are my only problems.</p>

<p>and yes, i do think your geographic diversity would help you.</p>

<p>also, i was accepted to lafayette and considered going there too, but it is definitely too small for me. lehigh's size is just right.</p>

<p>im also interested. i know that greek life is a big deal on campus but are there any other pros or cons about going to the school? and what are popular majors?</p>

<p>academically speaking, here is my only con:
-in math, science and engineering classes, you will often encounter professors who do not speak english very well. this can be very challenging. luckily, there are free tutors on campus at the center for academic success, which is fantastic.</p>

<p>other than that, lehigh is amazing.</p>

<p>popular majors: anything engineering, finance, accounting, biology, international relations (growing major and is top-notch)</p>