The Best Eateries Thread

<p>As random as CC has gotten (best restrooms), it would be appropriate to share the best dining areas, either on campus or off.</p>

<p>I haven't had off campus food yet, so I'll be first to rate the food on campus.</p>

<p>DeNeve: A-
Pro: close to class, great variety
Con: long lines, boring breakfast</p>

<p>Covel: B
Pro: great pasta, convenient
Con: kind of small variety</p>

<p>Reiber: C+
Pro: usually pretty empty, small area to bus your trays
Con: usually pretty empty</p>

<p>Hedrick: B-
Pro: sushi M & Tr
Con: too far walk up</p>

<p>Bruin Cafe: B
Rendezvous: B+
Crossroads: haven't tried</p>

<p>DeNeve's overcrowdedness brings it down to a B in my opinion. You can't think in there it's so loud and noisy. It does get awesome points for having 90's pop music always playing in there. </p>

<p>Rieber (not Reiber...) isn't that bad. You don't need a large bus area, in fact it's usually always the shortest wait I have for busing (unless you go at 6 obviously). The pizza is the best there, plus the My Pizza is pretty good, I'd give it a B+ rating.</p>


<p>Go to De Neve Commons when it just opens... Whenever I eat around 5pm it's fine. </p>

<p>Rendezvous: Avoid their Asian food. Really. It's awful. </p>


<p>it varies slightly with what they're serving, but generally (in order of my preference):
De Neve/Covel
Rendezvous Mexican
Bruin Cafe
Rendezvous Asian</p>

<p>brunch (weekends):
De Neve

<p>have yet to try:
Puzzles (keep forgetting)
Crossroads (no way i'm walking my butt down to Tom Bradley from Summit)</p>

<p>De Neve > Covel > BruinCafe > Hedrick > Rendezvous (Asian)</p>

<p>Haven't tried Rndzvs M.</p>

<p>oh, you're missing out, dear.</p>

<p>the fish tacos from Rendezvous... mmmmm :rolleyes:</p>

<p>deneve and covel have the best food, but the worst lines. i particularly like deneve because they have mixed green lettuce, while everywhere else has iceberg.</p>

<p>hedrick and rieber are just plain nasty. i've felt like throwing up after a rieber dinner.</p>

<p>rendezvous aint bad! better than bruin cafe for sure. </p>

<p>i cant believe the food here is rated so high. i was obsessed with using my swipes the first 3 weeks, now i dont care</p>


So you go there for Suzanne? :confused:</p>

<p>duhh suzanne is my favorite. and apparently everyone elses, theres a facebook group for her with over 400 people</p>

<p>i've only eaten at reiber and it's okay. it's like a crappy version of hometown buffet. best eatery in westwood? tougher...BJs...pizookies! i had one the other night and it was magic.</p>

<p>Diddy Reise: A+ ? </p>


<p>The less I eat of the dorm food the better it seems to get. Eating it everyday when I was in the dorms, I got pretty tired of it. Now that I live off campus, I'm very happy when someone swipes me in (<em>hint</em>). Maybe I can just avoid the crappy days now, maybe I'm more willing to go to any dining hall now since I'm equally far from all (not just going to the one closest to me), maybe I'm just happy not to cook or wash dishes for once, but living off campus makes me appreciate the dorm food that much more.</p>

<p>I have to say though, the lines at the dining halls are ridiculous now. The times I used to go there where it wouldn't be too crowded now have lines that stretch across the dining hall. Not like I'm actually surprised by UCLA's poor planning.</p>

<p>Just any food that I don't have to pay/cook is a godsend. Ditto on the swiping in thing. There should be a 'feed the poor souls w/o a meal plan' me and mcgizzle.</p>

<p>Rieber: B+
De Neve: A-
Covel: B-
Puzzles/Crossroads: A+
Bruin Cafe: B-
Rendezvous: B</p>

<p>Overall: B+</p>


<p>De Neve: A-
Pros: Close to my dorm and campus
Breakfast variety limited but filling nonetheheless
Raspberry Frozen Yogurt
Music? (even though it sounds like something that comes from NOW!
Long hours, you can almost find time to eat here
Cons: Long Omelette Lines
Not enough locker space
Too many people</p>

<p>Rieber: C
Pros: Food sometimes Ok
Not as crowded
Cons: Not very aesthetically pleasing
Smelly walk up the "rieber stairs"
Not convenient for those living in de neve</p>

<p>Hedrick: B+
Pros: Sushi may be a plus/minus but having sushi every thursday isnt exciting
Food selection not bad
Plenty of available seating
Cons: So FAR!
Tends to be small</p>

<p>Covel: B+
Pros: Great for pasta lovers
Generally good food
Great salad bar, rivals that of de neve's. Lettuce precut?
Cons: Seating is near impossible to find during peak hours.
Getting in/out of seats</p>

<p>Bruincafe: B-
Pros: Passionfruit raspberry ice blend
Filling though not necessarily exciting
Good social environment
Quick service
Claw chowder warms you up on a cold day
Late night eatery after studying at covel
Cons: Not all the subs are great. Roasted turkey with cranberry sauce in a sandwich?
Potato salad has too much bell peppers
Original Sun chips for sides isnt too great</p>

<p>Rendezvous: (never tried)</p>

<p>Crossroads: C+
Pros: Great fries
Cons: Location (outskirts of dykstra)
Patties are originally cooked as two thin ones and then fused together, thus forming a pocket of grease in the middle that may/may not squirt out when you bite into em.</p>

<p>Puzzles: (never tried)</p>

<p>Overall Hill Eatery Grade: B+</p>

<p>There is usually something for everyone, though it may be a problem if you're a big fan of porterhouse steaks, seafood, or tofu. Be sure to check the menu daily and watch your calorie intake. I'm projecting something close to the freshman 300 this quarter.</p>

<p>Unless bruincafe has gotten better from last year... then i'm pretty sure that they've NEVER had quick service for anything... at least during all the times that i had gone last year...</p>

<p>I'm not sure. Of the 3 times I've been there, I would always get my food within 5 minutes of making my order. But that may just be that I go there on the weekends.</p>

<p>my rendezvous beef burrito tastes like salt. :(</p>

<p>The Deneve lunch today was terrible. (too salty)</p>