The best kind of ECs?

<p>What kind of EC's does the top tier schools like to see?</p>

<p>is it sports? volunteering?</p>

<p>i heard it is being involved in leadership roles....but i dunno</p>

<p> much does having leadership roles (like 3 or 4) or sports help u out on ur application?</p>

<p>sports are good... but leadership is better. SGA, class president etc etc</p>

<p>Most top notch schools will look for:</p>

<p>1.) Leadership
2.) Diversity (in a club that celbrates diversity)
3.) Community Service</p>

<p>Sports can get you into any school (along with above average 1450+ SAT scores/30+ ACT scores) can get you into pretty much any school in the united states, with a full ride scholorship. If you are good at sports, an admission representative would of talked to you during late Freshmen year/ early sophomore year.</p>

<p>The best ECs are the ones that you put your heart and soul into because you care about. They also are the ones in which you show some kind of leadership that makes some kind of positive difference in the organization or community. This leadership doesn't have to mean that you have an elected position. A person who is in a community service organization, for instance, and starts a successful fundraising project is showing leadership even if they don't have an elected position.</p>

<p>Colleges are particularly impressed by people who go above and beyond what members and elected leaders usually do, and colleges are impressed by students who start activities -- ones that really accomplish things, not ones that are simply resume dressing. Colleges think it's wonderful if you have an interest and then create opportunities to pursue that interest.</p>

<p>Northstarmom has pretty much nailed it on the button</p>

<p>so im hoping that setting up a dinner that raised $75,000 for children of war is something important that shud be put on there rather then jus "MSA member"?</p>

<p>Yeah, make sure you explain that in your essay too :)</p>