THe best prep book for grammar

<p>Which book should i study for the grammar sections from ? I have Barron<code>s how to prep + Barron</code>s 2400 club,PR,BB,Gruber`s.I am taking the test in Jan and i am completely prepared for the CR and math but still hasnt done any grammar exercises .</p>

<p>I felt the English section in the Barron's ACT prep book was good. Maybe their SAT equivalent has something similar?</p>

<p>I would do all of them in this order:
BB to understand the material,
then PR and Barrons,
then 2400,
Presonally, Gruber's didn't help that much. use it as a final review
btw, I used all of these, but haven't received my Dec scores yet, but I think they helped</p>

<p>Well i am planning to study from Barron`s but to do the practice questions from all the books.</p>

<p>just do all the writing sections you can. writing MC is the one section that people can't dispute in any given prep book because they all flow around the same general grammar rules. granted, sometimes the idioms are tougher on some books but still, for writing, practice makes perfect. anyway ivan, i've seen you on these boards long enough to tell you that if you've been reading closely enough and ingesting all the advice you see, test day is going to be just fine.</p>

<p>Thank you.The grammar rules needed for the SAT are not so difficult to understand</p>

<p>haha, it's not the understanding part that will give you problems. it's the subtle errors you may miss and such that cause problems.</p>

<p>the grammar rules def aren't hard, but i just have a hard time reading the books for more than a few minutes at a time. </p>

<p>i found one in barnes n noble that i have actually been spending time with. lol. whichi s actually its name: the lol guide, written by a robot chicken guy.</p>