The Best Thing About Yale is_____________?

<p>What is the best thing about Yale?</p>

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<p>The class of 2011.</p>

<p>How everyone you ask will have a different answer.</p>

<p>The superior academics, residential colleges, peer group, caring professors, undergraduate focus, limitless research potential, great food, and more than I could possibly mention.</p>

<p>nothing :)</p>

<p>Intellectual quirkyness, awesome faculty judging by the publications, politically charged atmosphere</p>

<p>Residential colleges! (yes, I know that has already been mentioned) If its worth anything, I found Yale's RC's to be particularly more effective than schools that try to emulate them...<em>cough</em>Princeton<em>cough</em>. Don't get me wrong...I loved Princeton, but I have to say that Yale's residential colleges are pretty amazing.</p>

<p>The half a billion dollar committment to the sciences at Yale (over four-five years, a billion in ten). </p>

<p>It is in a city that actually has an airport...I can't tell you how frustrating the Dartmouth, Stanford, and Princeton weekends were because of that (mainly Dartmouth...I kind of liked taking the train to Princeton because it felt very Hogwarts Express'esque.</p>

<p>I'll stop now :) Go Yale!</p>

<p>RC's and their incredible library!</p>

<p>Hey do you think you could chance me? I'm not getting any responses
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