The best TV show currently on air...

<p>question... is catdog still on?</p>

<p>catdog is yucky! I never could stand that show! Though I used to watch it to see if I could hear spongebob's voice in dog! :)</p>

<p>what? you thought spongebob was dog???
and btw... I don't care what anyone says Spongebob = awesome!</p>

<p>best shows ever: family guy, the simpsons, futurama, dragon ball z, and spongebob squarepants.</p>

<p>I watched the British (original) version of The Office. I actually ended up watching it with subtitles (I get distracted by accents) but it was soooo funny. </p>


<p>Yah, I have season I of the Brit Office... too hard to understand unless you focus... and I cant focus</p>


<p>the office is good too</p>

<p>haha~yea...but FRIENDS beats them alllll!!!
i mean a show of 6 people doing stupid things, making millions of dollars??

<p>I'm sorry guys, but Date My Mom easily takes the cake.</p>

<p>I haven't seen the American version, but the British Office is amazing.</p>

<p>Oh, and the show with the mountain was GUTS I think.</p>

<p>figure it out..with summer sanders. isn't that what it's called? and of course alex mack. that was my favorite.</p>

<p>does anyone remember that show with those girls brad and melanie or something? i cant remember what it's called.</p>

<p>what about Doug? and Skeeter?</p>

<p>Ummmm, you're all wrong. The best show on TV is House, M.D.</p>


<p>family guy
south park
old simpsons
sealab 2020</p>

<p>Laguna Beach</p>


<p>Best current TV show.....GREY'S ANATOMY......IT's sooooo've got to see it....anybody agree?</p>

<p>survivor - haha, i've pretty much been addicted since season one. my life's dream is to be a contestant, which is admittedly pathetic. maybe i should have put that under career goals?</p>

<p>degrassi - it goes there haha</p>