The best TV show currently on air...

<p>Is The Office... if you havent watched it... do it. Its cheap on iTunes now (will go well with my sleek, 60GB black video ipod I just got...)</p>

<p>Watch the office though, seriously... if you Curb Your Enthusiasm (if you dont watch that... do it!) or seinefeld-like shows, The Office is for you...</p>

<p>The best TV show ever... Are you Afraid of the Dark? Gotta love classic Nick</p>

<p>are you afraid of the dark gave me terrible nightmares- if i saw it now it probably still would! I'm a wimp who can't handle scary stuff. And it frightened the balloons out of me! My siblings all loved it while I'd be shaking in my boots! :p</p>

<p>omg I agree Celebrian... I watched it when I was 5,6,7...all the way up to when it got cancelled... weird thing was... as I got older, I became more scared............... aggghhh
Classic Nick shows were awesome...
like the old All That crew (haha, I actually still watch All That), Clarissa Explains it All, Rocko's Modern Life, AGGHGHGHG!!! Real Monsters... haha and Ren and Stimpy... except that last one was gross and repulsive and obscene.. though I did like the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song.</p>

<p>omg me too! hapy happy joy joy! oh fond memories! I loved all those shows and the original All That crew rocked (I think it majorly sucks now) :)</p>

<p>Rocko's modern life= way lame</p>

<p>All That- quality, I meat Danny Tamberelli, saw him at Venice Beach a few years back, got a picture with him!</p>

<p>Hey Dude!- That was a good one</p>

<p>What was that one with Camp Anawana... it had a name, I love that, being a camp goers</p>

<p>Rugrats was good until Dil was born</p>

<p>Keenan and Kel, come on, who doesn't love orange soda... I do I do I do oo</p>

<p>Good times, good times. Anyone remember "Roundhouse," "Salute Your Shorts," and that show about the ranch?</p>

<p>EDIT:And wolfy just answered it for me - "Hey Dude!"</p>

<p>And you answered mine about Salute Your Shorts...</p>

<p>There was one called Legends of the Hidden Temple... with the super agro crag, that was sweet</p>

<p>I always ask my friends, and have googled it so often... but does anyone remember a show called Space Cases... about some kids lost in space... nobody else does... I think i made it up?</p>

<p>I don't remember Hey Dude at all....
Keenan and Kel - love that one, Yes, Rugrats used to be my all time FAVE show... Angelica was my all time fave character (is that bad)?</p>

<p>and what was that one about Alex Mac or whateve? where she turns into that silver liquid and can go places easily?</p>

<p>Oh yah... alex mac... that was one right after Clarissa Explains it all I think</p>

<p>The Secret Life of Alex Mac! She got into a chemical spill!</p>

<p>alex mack was bangin i tapped that</p>

<p>I loved old Disney shows toooooooooo</p>

<p>SPACE CASES! Oh my god did I love that show. Legends of the Hidden Temple, GUTS, Double Dare, What Would You Do?, The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo (with Mr. Miagi!)...Man do I miss good old fashioned TV.</p>

<p>Ah... so Space Cases was a show... I wasnt delirious. Yes.. good times... what was that one with the panel, and Summer Sanders, and name that thingy... I remeber a kid who spelled antidiscistabultioandsfmentarism or what whatever... probably memorized it</p>

<p>which one was it that had all these kids on different teams go through obstacle courses like the wall climbing and the rubber bands and stuff?</p>

<p>Legends of the Hidden Temple I think... I think it also had a big mountain called the Super Agro Crag the kid had to climb... or there may have been two differnt shows come to think of it</p>

<p>nope that's it... the super mountain and then at the end the kids have to hit that button on the little pyramid thing...</p>

<p>oh man i love the office and curb your enthusiasm! i think arrested development is great too. but the office is yeah incredible.</p>

<p>and does anyone else remember the adventures of pete and pete?</p>

<p>Pete and Pete!!!! with the dancing tattoo... I love that episode where he gets a small bust of a prez. stuck in his nose.</p>

<p>Good to feel a fellow Office love... best show ever... shows without laugh tracks take guts, they pull it off</p>