The best way to get to BU?

<p>What's the best way to get to BU from the airport in Boston? Public trans./renting a car??</p>

<p>If you have no other need for a rental car than transport from and to airport, I would take a taxi. Much less hassle and probably just as cost-effective. If you haven't flown into Boston, Logan airport is close-in,not way out in a suburb as some cities.</p>

<p>Public transport is also doable (that's what I did as a college student; as one of the dads said on Parent Forum - "they're college students, they're supposed to suffer"). I no longer remember the specifics, but I think you take an airport loop shuttle to the MBTA and then I don't remember how many transfers you might make. So depends on how much luggage you're shlepping.</p>

<p>For cost: public
For convenience: taxi</p>

<p>if you're going home for the holidays, take the T and the shuttle to the airport, but since i'm thinking that you're asking about orientation, taxi is probably your best choice. i believe when i took a taxi last summer it was about $30 for the ride without tip. it might be a bit more</p>

<p>When my older S and I visited Emerson, we took the airport shuttle to the T (Blue Line) and then took that downtown and changed to the Green Line. It WAS a schlep. Next time S and I toured BU, we took a taxi.</p>

<p>TAKE THE "T"!!! When i did my overnight, i flew in from philly, took the T from the airport(Blue line) transfered to the Green line at i thiknk copley square (NO, you dont have to pay extra, its all underground and u just walk onto A new train) and got off at kenmore square. It was only $1.25. I did this all by myself, never been away like this by myself. IT was soooo easy.
When i visitied in the summer to visit boston colleges, we stayed for 3 days and rented a car. big, big mistake. We ended up having to park it at the hotel b/c there was no parking, or it was very expensive 2 park.
also, i drive in philly a lot so boston wasnt that bad. BUT, boston driveres are a little, jus a little, AGRESSIVE. It you do drive, you have to push ur way infront of other cars.
oh, also, dont buy a "T" pass unless you are goin 2 take it a lot. I bought $10 of tokens and i have six left and i went to northeastern and some other places. Dont buy a lot of tokens

<p>Well, for an overnight, with just one bag, it's OK to take the T from the airport. But it's not easy to carry/schlep big suitcases up and down flights of T stairs.</p>