The Block on Rio Grande

<p>I'm thinking about joining a few mutual friends in need of a roommate at the Block on Rio Grande...does any one have any knowledge of what it's like to live there? I've already looked at some of the reviews on other sites and they are kind of scary lol.</p>

<p>Isn't The Block where all the rooftop parties happen ?</p>

<p>I have mixed feelings at the Block. I have a friend who lived in a 4/4 with her friends. Also, I have heard (and experienced) noises from the nearby frat/ sororities. Rumor from my friend that they are building a new frat there. pm me if you want more info</p>

<p>okay thanks, i'm going to check it out on tuesday. I can't really make a decision until I actually see it.</p>

<p>yea go for yourself, reviews can be misleading sometimes...</p>