The Boot

<p>Tell me about The Boot.</p>

<p>I'll leave this to current students, I'm just chiming in to say that the Boot has been around since at least the early 70's, and I suspect some time before that. I wonder if they have even painted it since then? LOL.</p>

<p>kherb43 -- my S just informed me that if we tell you, then we'd have to kill you. So it is probably best to wait until move-in day. You will surely find out that night.</p>

<p>The last thing D did before leaving was purchase a T-shirt:</p>

<p>The Boot ... where your Tulane education begins and ends</p>

<p>the boot is a wholesome establishment where students come for study and other intellectual activity</p>

<p>I'll just tell you that during my orientation, all the kids that went to the boot became a much closer group......I can't exactly remember why</p>

<p>Yes, I understand that most students don't remember much after leaving the Boot.</p>

<p>^^^ exactly</p>

<p>Good to know!</p>