the Boston RedSox

<p>what did i tell you guys in the old CC? Did I not state that God was going to smite them in the ALCS. Did I not state that they were going to be crushed and spat on? You silly Red Sox fans need to see reality, the Boston Red Sox (along with the Braves) shall never ever bring happiness to their cities again.</p>

<p>The key difference between the Braves and the Red Sox is twofold:
1.) The Braves actually have had success in the last 50 years.
2.) No one in Atlanta cares about the Braves. Red Sox fans are rabid die-hards.</p>

<p>That being said, I don't think anyone could have seen this monumental collapse displayed by the BoSox; I bleed Yankee Blue and even I thought it was going at least six.</p>

<p>Not that I'm complaining.</p>

<p>It's all over tonite.......
El Duque will come through!</p>

<p>yea seriously i thought they would be more competition than that...
i just think that the red sox don't exemplify a lot of sportsmanship. they're always making these claims before the game and they never live up to it.</p>

<p>it may not happen this year but it will happen soon.
go sox</p>


<p>Who's your Daddy???</p>

red sux =)</p>

<p>hey zantedeschia, no one likes the yankees, you buy all your world series, and theyre a buncha losers</p>

<p>"...theyre a buncha losers"</p>

<p>Lol. The irony.</p>

<p>It's the Bankees not the Yankees.</p>

<p>I hate both teams. I am from the west coast and can say this. There are more avid Yankee haters here than there are BoSox haters. Yankees need to lose this series (it would be hilarious if Boston came back to win).</p>

<p>Aww, poor babies, bitter because their team isn't all that it's cracked up to be.</p>

<p>Honestly, and let's drop the cynical Bankees bull. Despite the closed-books policy that predominates the sports ownership world, I think we can safely assume that George Steinbrenner is not the only rich man in the MLB owners circle.</p>

<p>Frankly, the owners of teams like Boston are in fact just as financially endowed the Boss in New York, but they choose to invest poorly, or just not invest at all.</p>

<p>Case in point: George Steinbrenner's business prowess allowed him to open and run the Yes Network, a Yankees TV channel that brings in tons of money through advertising. He keeps the seats full with good marketing and consequently, merchandising sales rise. It's not as if he's a Paris Hilton-esque heir to the throne who just spends money he doesn't earn.</p>

<p>Stop complaining about how rich the Yankees are: we don't have any more money than the other teams, but we just choose to invest intelligently.</p>

<p>hmanx, next time you say the yankees just buy all their world series, make sure your teams not trying to do the same thing.</p>

<p>Red Sox payroll: $125 million
MLB average: $68 million</p>

<p>Both the Yankees and Red Sox have much more money than most of the other teams. They should have a salary cap or a revenue sharing system like the NFL, and then we'd have some interesting seasons. </p>

<p>And I just hate how Yankee fans (in my area these are the most prevalent, so I can't say it's exclusively Yankee fans) always insist on being irritating. Frankly, I couldn't care less about the ALCS, but just the sheer annoyingness and ****iness and general boastfulness of Yankee fans makes me hope the Red Sox pull out 4 wins here.</p>

<p>I wouldnt call investing 75+ million on Giambi, Williams, Brown, Mussina, and Jeter an intelligent investment. Those five players combined alone would be in the top 15 in teams payrolls. and none of those players are guys who are gonna put up stellar or even above average numbers(besides maybe jeter and mussina). Keep in mind, theyre a whole different team than that 98-00 dynasty. I don't expect them to win much(but you never know) in the near future with that much money tied up to those players.</p>

<p>-no way a salary caps going to be introduced as long as donald fehr represents the players association, so forget about that. But, I don't even believe baseball needs one.</p>

<p>While it is true that Steinbrener does put out a great product and deserves all the money he gets and while it is true that all other baseball team owners are uber rich, no team has the market of the yankees in new york. The Kansas City Royals owner could have more money than Steinbrener, but since he can't recouperate all that revenue through mega TV contracts and such, his team would lose tons of money if he had a payroll of $188 million whereas the Yankees get all that money back. So it's not as black and white as you think.</p>

<p>with the yanks only spitting out 15-20 million in profit last year, and their luxury tax rising to 75 mil this year.... the yanks dont even know if their going to break even.</p>

<p>Crypto, I'm in no way saying that it's black and white. In fact, I was attempting to refute the black and white opinion of those dear Yankee haters who insist on calling the team the "Bankees" and repeatedly pull that "buy their World Series" line.</p>

<p>I've come to the conclusion that the "CURSE! of the Bambino" is real.</p>

<p>Come on, Sox.</p>

<p>Cowboy up!</p>

<p>No, the Braves have poor attendance during the regular season for the sole reason that, because they win the division every year, the regular season is basically a formality. It didn't look that way at the beginning of this year, but we always pull away by the end. Honestly it was a shock that we did as well as we did without Sheff and our bullpen.</p>