The Bragging Thread

Having great fun shopping for audio gear with my S. He’s purchasing his dream system - McIntosh wowzir


Oh that’s so much fun. I remember when I first had money in my 20s and dropping too much money on audiophile equipment. Good thing is that equipment usually lasts forever. Still have some of mine.


Same here. My system is 35 years old and I still use it daily. Have fun shopping Rivet2000!

I hope that’s the case! The sound is incredible. He loves the engineering behind tube based electronics.

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You would have to check…bit IIRC, the sound system used at Woodstock was McIntosh!

ETA…yes it was!

“ McIntosh amplification and Hanley Sound truly innovated in the world commercial audio & festival sound reinforcement when they powered Woodstock. Bill Hanely of Hanley Sound, a pioneer in the world of live sound, designed a sound reinforcement system with McIntosh Amplification for the famous music festival, Woodstock”

He’s saved all his intern money and is now using it for audio and furnishing. I’ve gone with him to Restoration Hardware and Design Within Reach. Fun, but not nearly as fun as shopping audio!


Education flex:
D1 - SJSU BS Cum Laude (STEM) 2021: Applying to top 25 level grad schools for Masters Public Health or Masters Social Work
D2 - UC Berkeley BA 2021: Starts her Masters Higher Ed at Penn State in four weeks
S - UC Santa Cruz (accepted), UC Davis (TAG), UC Berkeley (pending transfer) + accepted at two CSUs

I’ve had three kids in college for the past three years and will continue to do so for the next three+ years


My stepfather (who has been a wonderful grandfather to both of my children since birth) took a terrible fall and has been with my mom at home recovering. It has been a difficult time for them both (I often run out to try and help). My mother just told me that my son, daughter, and son-in-law arranged to go to the suburbs to visit them this Saturday – and they insisted on bringing lunch for everyone. It warms my heart that my kids took it upon themselves to arrange/do this for their grandparents.


Not much… I will brag on behalf of my parents

They got me a Steinway Grand piano. So excited!
and ummm… I got the highest piano score in my city at this competition.
(i live in a pretty big city 800,000+)


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Going out with S to test drive some cars. Lexus IIS and BMW 4 series. Looking for best safety features.

S won his first competitive official public election. Real people (not just students) actually voted for him!


DD got a likely letter from Stanford GSB for deferred admission to their MBA program!


Please see the P.S. in my most recent post (today, 5/19/2021) in the “Say it here cause you can’t say it directly–the get it off your chest thread” regarding Dr. Scholl’s.


We were all having dinner together at a family vacation yesterday. My D is about to graduate college in a few weeks, and my S is a rising sophomore in college, but due to COVID has barely been on campus.

My wife and I were giving my S advice on his first year on campus, and he disagreed with it. Then my D said to my S without prompting: “You should listen to them. They are always right. You will often think they are wrong, but they end up always being right.”


Freshman son studied online the entire year. No friends no professors around, pretty difficult year. However he managed to get 5 As, 1 A- for final grades. Very proud of him!


Last night I realized the easiest way to meet my tight schedule tomorrow was to park my car near the lunch restaurant and walk from there uphill to my PT appointment and then back down to lunch.

I then realized that especially with the heat and the incline, I will need to finally retrofit/adapt the mesh backpack I’ve had languishing for a year plus, so it will hold the medical equipment I need to carry to get from my car to the PT then to lunch.

Luckily after a few missteps, I was able to figure out how to adapt the backpack using materials I salvaged from other projects and it works perfectly and was no extra charge to me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs: Finished it and tried it out and it works nicely!


All the stars are aligning for our S to actually start his life. Three more days of classes and he’ll be done with his MSCS. In 7 days we leave to attend his commencement and move him into his new apartment (as in he’s the first resident). All his furniture is ordered and should be arriving over the next few weeks. His new car is purchased and waiting his arrival. Nice !




You have a lot to be proud of!