The Bragging Thread

ahh thank you :(( it means a lot

Last semester as an undergrad finished as spectacularly as the former two. One A- that, as she said, “messed up my third semester with a perfect 4.0 mommy”. “Senior” year being a varsity student-athlete/1st year of grad school, here she comes!!


On the road to Stanford’s commencement ceremony. Just passed San Dimas- heinous dude.


Party on dudes.

It’s a beautiful morning in Palo Alto and we’re all set for the commencement ceremony! Robe is pressed and we think we’ve figured out the hood (engineering orange).


Going to do a big brag…

D1 - Just got accepted to USC (University of Southern California) MPH program! She was a May '20 grad (first class of ZoomU that took 7 years to get her BS from SJSU, graduated with honors, is on the spectrum)
D2 - Getting in the groove in her first quarter of her Masters Higher Ed (Penn State), also a May '20 BA UC Berkeley (UCB) / ZoomU grad
S - Starts UCB in January as a deferred transfer from CC

All three of our kids started their college careers at California Community Colleges - I can’t promote this track enough - It works!