The Breadth Requirement

<p>I was just wondering if anyone knew whether or not Asian Studies 10 and Asian Studies 10A were the same thing? Because I was looking at what classes I can take for the Breadth requirement and I wanted to take the Asian Studies 10A that they had listed under one of the classes I could take to meet a breadth requirement. However, when I looked up Asian Studies 10A on the catalog, it wasn't there. There was only Asian Studies 10. Anyone know if they're different classes or the same class?</p>

<p>Best to ask a counselor if it counts or not. I asked mine about international studies breadth. I wanted to take Chinese to satisfy it, but I'd start off at 1AY and 1BY (something like that) since I know some Cantonese. The international studies breadth only lists 10 and 10A. The counselor told me taking 1AY and 1BY would satisfy the breadth, even though it's not listed. He said that they can't list everything there.</p>