The Business Experience Day

Is anyone/has anyone gone to this visit day? And if you have can you give some information on it.

I attended this event with my daughter.There were many student organizations represented and speaking to the highly enthusiastic and well-spoken studetns was impressive. We broke into smaller groups and had Q&A sessions with the Deans and sat in an accounting class where we learned about a novel approach to teaching which really resonated with me. I wished I could go to college all over again! I believe we also toured the career center. I think is was a day well-spent, except that my daughter delined the offer of admission to attend another school (boyfriend-related decision).

When is this?? Is this an admitted into cob thing? I haven’t heard anything about it.

d101parent: You have to check the College of Business website for things like this. There was no notification or invitation as I recall. We attended in 2014.

@msd228 Thank you for the information! Do you remember about how many people attended? And did it take place in the auditorium or is it somewhere else?
@d101parent I was informed through an email about the day and other visit days

username9279 The event was quite large. If I had to guess there were over 100 students/parents or more. It was held in the new business building on a Saturday morning. My daughter sat in on some classes on Friday (not recommended) and spent the night at the Illini Union Hotel. The student clubs had posters on display in the large lobby area and there were refreshments served in that area. When we broke into small groups (20-30 people) we moved throughout the building to several rooms, mostly large classrooms.

Thank you!! I found it and registered for it. It’s March 12 from 12-5.

Glad to read that you plan on attending The Business Experience Day.

Others have explained it well. If it hasn’t changed from last year, you meet as a large group in the BIF atrium. Here, you can check out some of the business RSOs and meet some of their representatives. << I highly recommend you check them out, because getting involved during your first semester on campus can really make the experience much more enjoyable.

Then after introductions, you break into groups and go through a sequence of information sessions. You will learn about the different business majors, study abroad and Career Services (jobs!). And prospective students will get the chance to ask questions of a current student panel. There was also a brief tour, which included a walk to the Ike and to the ARC.

I think something that is sometimes overlooked at admitted student days is the opportunity to meet and check out your future classmates…including those upperclassmen who are volunteering their time on a Saturday. It reassured my son that UIUC would be a great place to attend for 4 years.

I hope you have fun. :slight_smile:

@88jm19 Thank you for the information! Hopefully it will help me with my decision.