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I agree with @dharmawins too. I didn’t know about this site or the college coaching companies last year (class of 2024) until it was way too late in the game (after prescreen deadlines!) So I was pretty much winging it. Thankfully, I have a wonderful friend who works in the arts and knew my child from the personality, academic, and performance perspective so she was invaluable in helping us craft our list. Her amazing vocal coach put us in touch with his friend who runs a one week college audition prep intensive in NY that helps the kids select their monologues, songs, etc. She had a studio about a 45 minute drive from us, so we also met privately with her a few times to finalize song selection. She did privates over the summer with one of her dance teachers at our local studio who had a BFA from FSU, and he choreographed her prescreen submissions. So, we did manage to cobble together a great team, but that was more dumb luck than anything else. I knew NOTHING of this process when we first started. Had I known about the coaching companies, I definitely would have explored the possibility. Despite my lack of knowledge, my daughter ended up in the perfect program for her, and she is happy and thriving. So, yes, it can be done. But, having someone familiar with the college audition process would have made the process less stressful (at least for me anyway!). Once it was all over and I recovered, I put together all of my notes, spreadsheets, files, etc into one big audition prep file, and sent it to all of the class of 2025 families. The friend who was oh so kind and patient with my constant “what have you heard about the program at this school” texts for about 3 straight months got “The Binder”


100% our school Great on the regular college stuff. At a complete loss regarding the college audition process and could not comprehend why my daughter was after them to send trasncripts, etc in early September (for those early audition prescreen deadlines).

FWIW, I think the CC MT/Drama threads are one of the few places that equalize opportunity for those who have less resources and or have less exposure or information about the process. Even if the cards are stacked for those with the bigger bucks and money, and also know how if you have family in the industry or live in a community with rich opportunities… we learned almost everything we needed to know to prepare ourselves here. Even the FB pages are parent focused (not elle woods), and so those with less parent support lose out on the info shared there. And thankfully some programs still believe in looking for and supporting diamonds in the rough.

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@dramamama2424, im unaware of the famous kid at BW and my D goes there lol, William H & Felicity’s kid ended up at CMU if I recall correctly?

@Sitzprobe - thank you for the accurate recount of last year & yes this time of year is always hard. has been for many years not just 24, 25 but many many years before as @soozievt can attest,

that said this year has quite its own unique set of circumstances that I suspect will yield even crazier waitlist movement bc it appears more kids applied to more schools than ever without the travel requirement

I don’t think that the offspring of famous people fits the term, “nepotism.” Nepotism is more when there is favoritism on the basis of a family relationship. It doesn’t even fit the definition of “cronyism,” which is giving advantages to friends or colleagues.

Children of famous people deserve to be kids who apply to college like anyone else and thought of as getting in on their own merits. I doubt competitive BFA programs are willing to give a spot to someone just because their parent is famous. They have to have the qualifications and talent. If I were one of these kids and others referred to me as getting in due to nepotism, I would feel badly.

I would not analyze why this or that person was admitted. Only the admissions committee knows. Qualified students are turned away at colleges or programs with low admit rates. I would not want my kid to focus on who else got in or didn’t get in and simply follow their own dreams and path.

Yes, the college admissions process is stressful. You say the stakes are high, but in my view, the goal is to land some options. If a student likes every college on their list (and they should or else it ought not to be on their list), then they will land some place and thrive and the schools that denied them won’t matter in the long run. Their college list should be well balanced in terms of odds, have at least two sure bet schools on it, and appropriate to the candidate. Some families craft very unrealistic or not well balanced college lists.

There are many paths to a career in this field. It doesn’t have to be a BFA program. I don’t know what you mean by “wrong situations” that some kids will find themselves in, because they should have had a well balanced college list with some likely options on that list that they liked. They should land somewhere. And I wasn’t talking about “physically surviving” but simply going on and forging their path. Their lives are not dependent on the name or college they attend. Getting into college is just one step along the way. There will be many more to come for a kid who wants to have a professional life on stage. Getting into X or Y college won’t guarantee success and not getting in won’t mean the student cannot be a success. Things have a way of turning out. The fretting while waiting for college decisions is natural, but once you get to the other side, none of it will matter so much in the long run. If motivated and driven, keep pursuing what you want to do. The college admissions outcome is not the definitive moment as to whether a kid is gonna make it in life or career.


University of Miami notification is tomorrow 3/26 4pm via portal.RD Notifications 2021

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Yeah but they probably didn’t cheat for their kids

Thanks for the UMiami update. Northwestern is also tonight so with both of those coming in we will finally be done with portals in my house and can move on to the decision part…and of course more waiting for those waitlists. @NYYFanNowMTdad so you’re saying there’s a chance :wink:

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Agree with your points. It’s really about the work you do and the determination to be able to do it. As an example (and not a brag at all, just an example) - D attends a great program in NY. She cast a wide net and had some nice offers and of course was rejected from great programs. Prior to moving to college, she found out about and submitted a headshot / resume for an extra role in a major TV show. Didn’t think anything of it. Out of nowhere she gets an email that she was selected if available. So a few weeks back she had to take the 4am train to Brooklyn to be on set by 6am (went through make up, wardrobe, the whole thing - so cool). Had a week like that. Great experience. Nothing to do with her or any school. Maybe it will lead to something. Probably not. Who knows. The point is she was determined and willing to do it and will continue to look for things. Can’t emphasize enough it had nothing to do with her school. They simply wanted an X who could play a Y and she made the cut.

It’s about the work.


@rickle1 love that, so cool, so happy for you guys!

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Finally (Miami)!!


Well, that’s bad for us because my D has had trouble accessing her UMiami portal from the beginning. I can just see her not being able to get into it this afternoon…ugh.

Syracuse’s second wave is supposed to come out tonight. Last week it was between 5:15ish - 7:15ish. We attended a scholars event (all schools) and they said it was a 24% increase in applications for the school as a whole. The largest they believe in the school’s history. 40,000+ applications for an incoming class of 3600. They didn’t give the numbers for any major.

From what I gathered, the regular decisions come in waves and even the schools (in this case School of Drama housed in College of VPA) do not know when they will be released. A no is not a no until you see it in writing. Sending positive vibes to everyone for all of the decisions coming out tonight! :performing_arts:


Have you contacted their office or maybe their IT? We had to do that with another portal because ours was not working. We had to work with campus IT…

@tennesee1 That 'Cane thing is a notoriously difficult portal to navigate! You are not alone. And then, if memory serves, the decision letter posted didn’t quite say specifically “BFA Musical Theatre” - but at any rate, you will know soon!

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still waiting on uab after walk ins 2/20. supposed to hear end of this month!
hopefully soon then all decisions from schools will be in and we fully engage in the next stage…which of course we have already started!!


This is dangerous speculation, but just throwing it out there. BoCo does like Fridays, so there’s a chance the decision could come out tonight. Check your portal around midnight ET, if you’re crazy! I tried to find the exact date last year in the venting thread but, annoyingly, CC only lists the month - not great - we need crisp, surgical precision here in MT World. Does anyone have the 2020 date?

If it is 4/1, per the party line, the decision should be posted at midnight 3/31. So only a few more days, either way. Hang in there, babies!

We’ll make sure to document the exact date and info in the notification thread for next year’s crop of students.


Got it figured out!!! Thank you.


If you hover your mouse over the month/year, the exact date will display.

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This year MTCA held private auditions for Baldwin Wallace and Shenandoah.

(FTR, I don’t have an issue with this at all. My own daughter took advantage of the BW private audition last year. It wasn’t the reason we chose MTCA, but it was a nice convenience.)