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I am starting to see dialogue on coaches, summer programs for the class of 2025 so I thought I would kick off a new thread focused on the new cycle.

Daughter has a coach and in the process of selecting her rep for pre-screens and auditions. She has a handful of summer programs to apply to. SATs in March. Let the wild ride begin!

I have a daughter who is also a junior and we are starting this journey. No coach as of yet but we do have a local voice coach. She will be doing the SSTI Essentials summer program in July.

Hi - my D is class of 2024, and she is attending SSTI (Tech) for the third time this summer. I canNOT say enough about this amazing program, for Tech and Performers alike! If anyone has questions about it, please ask. BAL to you all – it’s a crazy ride. ?

@Loganator - that is wonderful! So good to hear that SSTI is a good program. She can’t wait to attend.

Hi there! My Son is a junior and we are also just starting this journey. He is working on securing a vocal coach, but we are fortunate enough that his new choir director is also a well known vocal coach. He is getting ready to schedule his SAT’s and we have scheduled a few college tours in order to understand the difference between BFA, BA, city, large, small and conservatory vs College/University. We have toured schools with our daughter but she is going to school for education, so much different in process. We are eager to learn more and to hear others thoughts and experiences.

@iowamtmom – Ben Wolfe, SSTI founder and director, is one of the kindest and most good-hearted souls I have ever met. He has created an incredible opportunity and family for everyone involved in the program. On top of that, the prep both Tech and Performers get for the college application process is absolutely fantastic. Your D will love it!

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@Loganator My son did taught a Broadway master class for the first time last summer. He really liked it and hopefully he will be back again this year.

For junior and sophomore students and families who would like a glimpse of coaching services and its benefits without a formal commitment - MTCA (Musical Theatre College Audition) is having a “Junior Day” on Saturday, Feb 1st at Pearl Studios in NYC. Fees for all day or by class (Dance, Song, Acting) and ending the day with an informational meeting open to student and families about “prepping for the process and overall strategy”. Open to everyone (don’t have to be an MTCA family at this time). If you are not in NYC - MTCA will also hold a personal consultation (for a fee) over Skype (again no long term commitment for this one time interaction). Google their website for contact info To learn more.

The decision to obtain coaching services is very personal - and many have accomplished the journey without it. This post is simply meant for the curious who would like to explore if coaching might be the right fit. We benefitted immensely after learning about MTCA from another CC parent - so passing this opportunity along for others to consider.

I have been reviewing many of the schools that my son is interested in. I have read on here that some suggest to wait until pre-screens are done and passed before submitting application for your student, however, in my review many of the schools will not allow upload until you have submitted your application, at that point the ability to upload your prescreen will be made available. I also noticed some are allowing the Common Pre Screen App, while others are not referencing that. What have others seen?

@Sonnie323 - It’s truly a mixed bag. There are some schools that allow you to wait to apply until you hear you passed the prescreen, though that is a smaller number of schools. Most require you apply first. And some schools do use common app and/or common pre screen and some do not. It really varies and just depends on each individual school. Another reason why MT/Acting applications are so much more involved than other majors, nothing is the same at every school.

Very true. Most of us start big spreadsheets to keep track of all of the varying requirements (apply first, prescreen cuts needed, types of recommendations, etc. etc.)

^ keeping a big spreadsheet or chart is really helpful as there are many nuances with many schools. D actually got a big piece of poster board and created about 10 categories across the top and listed the schools down the side. If a school didn’t require X she would just enter a n/a in that space. What started out as a massive undertaking is now full of checkmarks including a few within the accepted column. If a school didn’t pass her prescreen she crossed it off the whole list. Actually became a fun exercsie to see the progress made each week. She wouldn’t do a spreadsheet so this was a great way for her to take ownership of the process. She left travel arrangements up to me and we coordinated her auditions based on travel timing together so lots of collaboration too.

@rickle1 D did same w a huge white board

its been in our center hallway since August front and back, has to do lists also,
people come over and cant believe all that has been entailed in this process. D owns it and shows it off/ explains it proudly…unfortunately cant post pics here

last post on this AND ITS MAGNETIC so we post timely paper documents or recommendation forms D needed to bring to school etc…

^ was in our kitchen on the sliders going out to the patio. Was definitely a talking piece when guests came over and they still don’t get it but that’s OK. Funny when certain people would stop by and she didn’t want to talk about it, she’s just pull the curtains over her “art”.

Personal Steamer - If you don’t already have a steamer, I HIGHLY recommend getting one. My D tries to use it nightly or every other night. It has been great for her voice. And she typically gets sick often, doing this has really helped keep the sick bugs away :slight_smile:

Link to Amazon and a lot of stores carry it.

And so it begins.


Yep, my “thoughts and prayers” to all 2025 parents - my D and I will be getting off the 2024 crazy train within the next few months. I can hardly wait!

Does anyone here have any information and/or thoughts about Five Towns College and their MT program? My son seems to be looking at many schools in the Long Island and NYC area. His short list for the time being is:
Arcadia, Wells, Rider, Montclair, Dean, Marymount Manhattan, Manhattanville, LIU Post, Western Conn. U Hartt, Molloy, AMDA and SUNY Fredonia.