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@Sonnie323 Five towns is literally 500 feet from where we live on Long Island so its a NON STARTER for my D. its about 1 hour from NYC via Long Island rail road or car in an upper middle class suburban area typical malls, restaurants etc, but immediate area is residential. very safe, likely need a car or uber at least to get to LIRR to NYC, super markets movie theaters etc, nothing walkable… The facilities have been undergoing some renovation as the main building was formerly a Middle school building. I believe they added dorms, music wings etc…I cant speak to the quality of the education as its just too local for any of our kids or neighbors to consider it…I would guess they have access to nyc performers, its about 20 minutes from long island beaches & another hour to the famous " hamptons" summer homes of the rich and famous…Rumors are that Adam Levine from Maroon 5 spent some time at five town college but I cant say if thats true or not. hope that helps, sorry I dont know more bout the program

Thank you very much for the input @NYYFanNowMTdad, your advice has always been great!! How is your daughter doing with all of this now that it’s in full swing? Wishing her all the best!!

Michigan summer program decisions are being sent out today.

Wow, there’s already a class of 2025 thread! Yikes!! My D will be applying for acting but I like to read the MT posts too, as y’all are way more active! Good luck to all those waiting on summer program decisions. Looks like my D will be doing the Cherubs film program this summer.

@coronado did you guys do the MCTA college advising package? We just signed up and will be doing monologue coaching. I’m wondering how their online tools are that you get with that. I started a spreadsheet but not sure how functional it is.

@SoMuchDrama Amy Breslow from MTCA is very helpful with college advising, she has a son who is a MT junior and she has sat in our chair, the software is good/helpful for organizing IMHO and her updates are informative as the application process heats up in the summer. we did the initial consult and then worked w AMY as needed ( more frequently through the summer ) . I suspect we will schedule a consulting session with her once all our options are known to us. hope that insight helps

My son was accepted to MPULSE on Friday and he is thrilled. Do any others have kids going to MPULSE this summer?

@AmarilloTX I saw a thread for MPulse 2020 on the Acting board. There were a couple of people who had posted. Congrats to your son!

@SoMuchDrama - Amy Breslow formally joined MTCA after my daughter’s audition season. But heartily agree with @NYYFanNowMTdad - she is an amazing resource and just like the performance-based coaches, well worth the investment. I suggest having an initial consult with Amy to determine if her services would suit your needs better as a la carte or as the complete advising package. BAL - you’ll love the MTCA fam.

Thank you, @coronado and @NYYFanNowMTdad! I will definitely be setting up a consult soon. Sounds like just the guidance I need to help get D through this process.

I can’t believe its almost time for us! I have lurked and read here for years! My DD is a junior and decided not to do a summer program… She is instead doing two shows at a regional theater, she auditioned with a lot of college kids, and got into the ensemble of Joseph and the dance core of Music Man, dance is her weakest skill the thought of rehearsing all summer and then performing 8 weekends, she decided would help her dance more than anything.

We are looking at hiring CAP as coaches. We went to the CAP Prep last fall, and found it very useful. Our focus in on regional state universities, for both size and price! Western Mich, Missouri State, Western Carolina… with a few small liberal arts thrown in! I feel nervous already!!

I’ve been following CC MT for years and it’s finally our turn! I thought this day would never come and now I’m wishing we could turn back the clock. UGH! Hello everyone! My junior DD and I are so excited and nervous to start this journey with you! Let’s do this class of 2025!!!

@KTVoice We sound like we’re in similar places! My D is a junior and she just signed with CAP and is looking at similar schools. I have been lurking on here since this past summer trying to get lots of info. It’s an exciting time for sure!

@ARBMusTheatre its going to be a wild ride… but I hope CAP will help with thatQ

@KTVoice and @ARBMusTheatre We also just signed up with CAP and are so anxious about getting started. I really like the idea of getting many auditions done early in November. Good luck to you all!

My son signed with Mary Anna Dennard (College Audition Coach) and we have been very pleased so far. He is looking forward to Moonifieds in November. It is going to be a wild year!

@AmarilloTX My S worked with Moo and her staff starting in Feb of 2019 for this audition season. Soooo glad we did so. Moonifieds was AMAZING. I can’t believe how fast this whole thing comes at you. Glad to be near the end. My one piece of advice…take advantage of the Masterclasses/Mock Auditions if you can swing it. Feel feel to PM me if you have questions.

@TheatreDad69 I am unable to PM yet but probably will soon considering how busy it is going to get. How many auditions was your S able to have scheduled at Moonifieds?

@KTVoice My daughter went to CAP Junior as well. I was one of the few fathers in ATL. Signed on with CAP via Dave Clemmons for next year.

@AmarilloTX My S auditioned for 17 schools over 2.5 days. It was a lot BUT it can totally be done. He had 11 final auditions and 6 live prescreens. He basically had (1) audition every 90 minutes and had the best time. In between he hung out in the “shark tank” with the other students that were called to audition in the next 30-40 minutes. He made a ton of new friends. We saw him leave at 7:45 for his first audition and he was gone until his last audition around 5 then he was off with his new group of friends to have dinner and a hang session until 10. Between Moonified and Unified auditions he covered 22 schools and only had to travel twice. As a side note one of the friends he made auditioned for 25 schools at Moonified…it can be done.

So odd to see a class of 2025 thread started! It makes it feel very real lol. My D is applying to schools only for straight acting but I’ don’t think there is a thread for that? She’s a super-focused actress, writer/director and filmmaker. She calls herself a “teller of stories”. She left traditional high school this past November to be able to work more and is doing college online while earning her high school equivalency concurrently. It was the best decision for her and she is loving it! I’m worried about doing this without even a guidance department next year but she is very hardworking and is excited to be able to be a part of a program where she can be challenged as an artist and human being, learn a ton, take risks, and study the history and craft of theatre and film. She’s only planning to apply to about 10 schools (I know nuts especially for a girl) but she is razor-focused on what she wants and if she doesn’t get in anywhere she plans to go to Chicago to train and audition and possibly reapply to colleges the following year.