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Happy Decision Day! We were exactly where you are last year. The waitlist for DePaul opened up in May and early June…my D ended up at DePaul. So it does happen.

Thanks for thinking of us! BoCo came through with a scholarship, which honestly surprised me, but unfortunately it was not enough to make it an option.

Molloy’s WL didn’t move and won’t move today. It’s still her top choice. There is still hope for the future, just not today. MM is still in the WL game, too, and just increased her academic scholarship and gave her some WL hope, so who knows.

She is currently deciding if she wants to put $ down at Emerson (which is still not a sound financial choice) or just chance it with the waitlists. All I can think of is Cinderella in Into the Woods, “I know what the decision is, which is not to decide…”

Not the best of days here, unfortunately.

Oh no, this sounds rough. This is our third kid to go to college but the only one for performance and it is crazy! The BoCo scholarship was literally just barely enough to squeak by with a few loans and not a penny more. Curious what the hesitation is for Emerson (besides the very important issue of expense!). My daughter is waitlisted there and thought it looked pretty great. The campus area was definitely snazzier than BoCo. :slight_smile: Also: Is the MM waitlist for MT or for acting?

@Skymomla @mythreelulus @MTdad2025 My D is going for Contemp Theatre. Are you all MT? (there seems to be some crossover between the threads)

Both MM and Molloy are for MT. Emerson would be performance (hopefully BFA Acting) with a minor in Comedy, which is what she wanted there (not MT). And she loved the Contemporary Theatre program at BoCo (again, above MT there). The only hesitation at either place is the finances.

MT for mine.

MT here

Hi there. It has een an emotional rollercoaster of rejection in our house so I stepped away from the boards. Looks like my D will be going to Penn State for acting, and we are thrilled after meeting the program director last week. But she just got offered more scholarship money to go to Marymount Manhattan, although she is only academically accepted and still on the artistic waitlist. Is it possible she missed a notification about her waitlist status? Seems odd she would be getting offered money at the 11th hr. She is also on Syracuse waitlist but we dont expect to hear from them tim June.


I noticed that too, we also declined the acceptance from Pace

re: Marymount Manhattan - your daughter should definitely contact the school program director directly to check on the waitlist. Can’t hurt and you might get more info on the timeline, at the very least.

The rejections are so hard when it’s happening to your kid and we’re so invested as parents. It’s definitely good to take a step back now and then. With some perspective, hopefully you’ll see that even magical unicorns who seem like they’re getting accepted everywhere have also faced a lot of rejection. Social media and boards like this one tend to amplify success (which is great!) but you don’t see the rest of the iceberg beneath the surface. So thank you for sharing your frustration along with the success. Clearly your daughter is very talented.

Congrats on Penn State acting! Amazing program.

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Yes, my daughter is MT. And @DramaLlama18 that’s why I posted about the Texas State and Ithaca waitlist rejections-trying to keep it real, lol! My daughter has friends from this year and last that got into great programs (UMich), and yes, even they had rejections to deal with. It is not an easy process but I do think it will toughen them up for this industry. I’m proud of all of these kiddos AND their parents-no matter how involved.

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Congrats on Penn State! That’s quite an accomplishment!

Congrats to ALL!!! I know my boys are still letting their decision sink in, so I won’t share yet out of respect for them. I want to be SO excited, but will wait. Honesty- I think they’re just completely exhausted, and are wondering if it’s really over?! There are a couple of great programs we never fully researched, as they only received acceptances a few days ago :woman_shrugging:
Cant’t wait to read about everyone’s journeys on the “Final Decision” thread!!


I’m seeing the first steps toward a return to “normalcy,” which I’m hoping will be able to continue for our students.

On March 11th, 2020, the high school theater troupe suddenly stopped working on and rehearsing for the spring productions, and quickly turned to a new normal and radio shows.

415 days later, they’re back to rehearsing for four live stage shows later this month, and then an outdoor cast party to celebrate their achievements during COVID. This will be the last one before heading off to college. Which reminds me…


I can appreciate your frustration; however, we need to be careful when stating an opinion as a fact.