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Thank you for all the great information! My son really enjoyed communicating with Rebecca and his virtual audition. We really need to get there and check it out ourselves!

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So, NYU really is going to wait until 4/1 to notify huh? Wonderful.

That’s their annual date, I believe it’s been that way for quite some time. I actually would rather have a school have a set date to release everything, because then I wouldn’t be sitting here refreshing email and portals all day wondering when we’re going to hear something!

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I also much prefer a preset date for everyone, I just wish it wasn’t so late. On top of that on the off chance my D gets in, we wouldn’t even know the studio placement for awhile. Just anxious to be done with this part.

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I totally understand. We’ve been waiting for a decision from one school that seems to have sent out decisions for everyone else, so we don’t have high hopes but it’s my daughter’s first choice, so it’s frustrating. This is not a process I ever want to go through again!!!

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Yes, weird way they do it. They accept a lot of kids and don’t give the studio placement until after you have accepted.

Anyone waiting on U of Miami for MT?

re: U Miami - Are you checking the Cane portal?

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@DramaLlama18 Yes, checking often. No change. :confused:

just an FYI, while there is plenty of waitlist movement In April, there will be ALOT 4/27-5/3 as students have till 5/1 to commit…of course you need to choose 1 to deposit before 5/1 but there are many a story on CC when waitlist movement occurred after someone deposited at another school…my advice make sure you deposit somewhere & be Ecstatic to go there but dont be surprised if a few things pop up after 5/1…good luck to all of you from a onld time I look forward to reading the final decisions…you made it…well on the goal line :slight_smile:


omg does that mean there could be a goal line stand??? jk jk

Sadly, we are waiting for the “they will find the program that is a good fit”. We are very fortunate that my S was accepted to a handful of programs, especially given his later decision in deciding to do MT. However, we are now down to a final few days to decide. What do you do when the “dream” school with great name recognition is a financial stretch? Yes, perhaps he shouldn’t have applied there in the first place, but it is hard to know when you are applying how the financial offers are going to play out.

It is very very hard. The idea of taking on debt for an uncertain and likely low paying career seems foolish. If you can afford it without debt but stretching your finances, maybe meet with a financial planner if you haven’t yet? Otherwise if you or your child will take on debt for a performance based degree, it seems unwise. Last spring there was an article in the wall street journal about people who left performance degrees with huge debt and their regrets.

Thank you for your input. I will check out the article.

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Be hopeful my son is a graduate of a respected program 2021 grad now on national tour. He lives in the NYC and he pays his own bills.
Parents I prayed he would get a job. He did
We couldn’t be prouder.
The Work Will Come!!!


So good to hear. Congratulations to your son.

Has anyone started a 2027 MT sharing venting etc, thread? Sorry CC confuses sometimes - I may have missed on my infrequent checkin’s and I should probably just move on now that my horse in the race is graduating. Anyway - please link here if anyone has the scoop.

As frequent “lurker” parents for our daughter, class of 2026 MT, I was wondering the same thing and kinda surprised I haven’t seen one - we were frantic by this point last year already!


Thinking the same, S21 is a second year drama student now and he had already submitted prescreens by now. Maybe someone can create the thread and hope people will come?

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All right, I created it - we’ll see if there are any takers! Things have migrated in recent years to Facebook groups (or TikTok!? Who knows!) as CC tweaks algorithms and formats. The Class of 2027 – Sharing, Venting, Discussing! MT