The College Board OTI got me expelled

Why whistleblow? because its unfair that someone gets 70 minutes for the essays</p>

That’s just not right; you shouldn’t be expelled for fulfilling what you were technically obligated by the college board to do. I don’t think you’ll be expelled, that would be complete bs. Hope everything works out for you… it takes guts to do what you did.</p>

I’m pretty sure at least 95% of the people (including me) that frequent the AP test section disagree with you. Stop trying.</p>

You sign something saying you are the cadet police force for the College Board?</p>

As much as I would not be “that guy” to call OTI, you did the right thing and I’m glad you’re sticking by your guns. Don’t listen to anyone else. You did what you were obligated to do and you’re a better person than most of us for it.</p>

I really think you’re overreacting. There’s no way your school could expel you for something like that</p>

Hmm. I’m guessing your schools’ proctors looked the other way so that the school could boast about high AP pass rates.</p>

^That is what I was thinking. And also that they have done this multiple year, thus becoming standard practice.</p>

Statlanta, you sign an agreement to report any issues to OTI.</p>

@statatlanta: you’ve got to be kidding me.</p>

Anyway, I’m not expelled but I’m on probation and I now take all tests in a sealed room - APs, Regents, even normal tests. My school is considering putting on my transcript that I reported them.</p>

^WHAT?! So let me get this straight…your school is moving you into your own room so that they can continue cheating and you can’t rat on them. And they are also thinking about putting it on your transcript that you tried to STOP some cheating…you go to a backwards school. Where do you go?</p>

They don’t want you around the other students so you can’t report the cheating that goes on? You should receive no punishment for this.</p>

As I said before, call the ACLU. Even if you just have them call your school, it should have a scare factor.</p>

Oh, and the local news. That will be best, and probably quite funny. “School punishes honest student for outing pro-cheat environment.” There’s no way they won’t back down after horrible publicity.</p>

That sealed room sounds pretty nice. Also, by putting that on your transcript, it seems they’ll be doing you a favor by proving your upstanding character to colleges. :)</p>

But the school should punish the cheaters, not the cheated. Listen to BillyMc. The ACLU has one of the biggest scare factors in America, especially to backwards people. And a local news broadcast would be HILARIOUS.</p>

@BillyMc lol that would be a perfect story!!! OP where do you live?! I could report it for you (I be a journalist) lol.</p>

Please report their incompetence.</p>

And I’m sure someone will be very happy having to proctor every single test you take.</p>

I’d gladly take that on my transcript. “Student was involved in reporting academic dishonesty.”</p>

You’re sending the wrong message to the school if you do or say nothing in response to this…</p>

I really think you want to get press coverage of this so that you can include it in your college applications. This school could easily sink you with negative recommendations.</p>

Welcome to a graduate course in doing the right thing.</p>

I just want to jump on the bandwagon here, but please call the ACLU. Please do something and don’t let them get away with this *****</p>