The College Board OTI got me expelled

So I called the OTI this afternoon. Some idiot at OTI told my school that I called (with my name and phone, no less) and now im about to be expelled. ***, CollegeBoard!?</p>

This really HAS to be illegal on some level.</p>

Whistleblower protection? What happened to that??</p>

I wouldn’t worry too much just yet. As long as you have a perfectly valid claim against the school, then your expulsion will be violating some law. </p>

What did you tell the OTI?</p>

Assuming you go to a public school, then they CANNOT expel you unless they have good reason.
Example : [Whistleblower</a> wins verdict against school in federal court :: Georgia Trial Lawyer Blog](<a href=“]Whistleblower”></p>

Furthermore, since you called on your own time and your claim was not slanderous, I’d bet its “protected speech” to report anything. It could even be seen as mandatory since you sign your name to the test being fairly administered.</p>

I go to private school - what happened was that people opened their Section 2 packets early.</p>

What is OTI?</p>

Office of Testing Integrity.</p>

Office of Testing Integrity</p>

I’m out on the grounds that I didn’t discuss it with a teacher - HE WOULDN’T LISTEN</p>

Hmm. I would threaten to take them to court. You would definitely win the case, it would just be a pain. Hopefully they come to their senses. What did OTI say??</p>

"Contacting the Office of Testing Integrity</p>

If you observe any behavior that might lead to invalidation of scores (e.g., copying, using notes from an unauthorized source, or accessing exam questions prior to the exam), contact the Office of Testing Integrity as soon as possible. All information will be kept strictly confidential. "</p>

Apparently not…</p>

Definitely threaten to take the school to court. Is there something the OP can do about OTI not being confidential?</p>

That does not sound right.</p>

I called College Board - “call back tomorrow”</p>

Wait, so you told oti that people at your school were cheating?</p>

You’re an a** hole in my opinion for whistleblowing. What is it to you if someone else cheats. They only hurt themselves.</p>

[This</a> might interest you.](<a href=“]This”></p>


The test is on a curve based on everyone’s scores, so yes cheating affects everyone taking the exam.</p>

I’m sure you’re overreacting and things will calm down.</p>

Wait why did you call the OTS and what did your school say (like exact details)</p>

Everywhere, people are going to cheat. In the long run, they only cheat themselves. You cannot stop cheating everywhere. This is what you get for being a b****.</p>

Whoa whoa whoa! There is definitely something to be said for morality here! You sign your name on a document that says that you conducted yourself in an ethical manner, and besides that, that College Board wants to know when it’s rules are being broken.</p>