The College of Wooster- Needs based Aid?

My D got accepted and was awarded the Dean’s scholarship which gives her $33,000 a year. However, Wooster is way beyond our means and we would have to receive a lot of need-based aid. We have submitted Fafsa and our EFC is around 12,000. How likely is it they would give us enough need-based aid to make it possible? We are excited but trying to curb our enthusiasm.

She should’ve received her whole pkg w/ her acceptance. If not, then I would call. Keep in mid COW only meets 95% of need. Most FA pkgs from COW are a mix of merit/grants, need based/loans, and work study. If you don’t see that, it just may be that they haven’t quite finished everything yet. Still, I would call.

Thank you! I called and they said she would receive the whole package by mid-January unless they she auditioned for the acting scholarship which she plans to do. In that case she won’t know her entire package until March. But it’s good to know that COW meets 95% of need. That’s the kind of information I’m looking for.