The Countdown

<p>UC Berkeley Decisions: T-minus 26 days</p>

<p>26 long, grueling, arduous days...</p>

<p>And still, many of us log into myBerkeleyApp regularly like it was the 108 minute end-of-the-world sequence on Lost.</p>

<p>Its the final countdown!! Da na na da na na na</p>

<p>I had a feeling someone would make a thread like this.</p>

<p>When does UCLA happen?</p>

<p>^ Sometime around the 23rd or 24th...? People suspect it earlier this year kaz freshmen decisions were released so early.</p>

<p>work, school, 26 days, work, school, 26 days (repeat).</p>

<p>Quentin13 beat me to it, but i'll post a link:</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - Spongebob Squarepants-The Final Sponge Down</p>

<p>wow 29 turned into 26 pretty fast. thanx College Confidential.</p>

<p>@girlyshout: You know it ;)</p>

<p>@EmpathyInAnarchy: LOL I log in almost everyday, just in case haha.</p>

<p>I never log in... should we though regularly or if there was anything important would they just email us?</p>

<p>^idk, i just do, to do it hahaha, it only takes like 10 sec, i have the page bookmarked and i have my app number/password memorized, so its w/e</p>

<p>Has anyone else been looking at craigslist occasionally to see what price a room for rent is in Berkeley? I have! I had always thought that I would live on campus my first semester when i transferred but I don't know now... I really honestly don't want to share a bedroom. So why pay such an insane amount to share a room when I could get my own? Also I really want to have my car with me and it seems basically impossible to do so. What is everyone else thinking...
Oh and I was really into it when I thought it'd be easy to get into Wada, but reading through old post it seems like many transfers didn't get any of the housing preferences they chose.</p>

<p>im going for an apartment off campus, so I can get that Berkeley city experience as well as the UCB experience. I will also be taking a car with me, cuz I only live like 30-45 min away</p>

<p>I've looked at a lot of studios. I'm prepared to spend ~$1000 a month, preferably less. No car; it's unnecessary and expensive.</p>

<p>Haha @ Victoria. I feel you for sure! That is like the most guilty dangerous pleasure because for every sweet deal you see on housing it'll make it that much worse if you don't get in. On the flip side, it'll make it that much better if you do get in! I guess it comes down to wether you're risk-averse or not. Apparently I am because I've sworn off doing that and have just decided I'm going to room on campus where ever I end up. I think living in transfer housing will be a good opportunity to meet new people anyway, though it does have the cost of living in luxury for a far better price...</p>

<p>P.S- Just re read your post and that is a huge factor that people didn't get the housing they wanted. That is really difficult. Earlier in this post I made it seem like it'd be easy to waltz into whatever campus housing you wanted. I definitely believe that its not. Hmmm...</p>

<p>Im looking to share with one or two ppl, no more than two tho, the car is just cuz i live in the bay, and I have friends in every city, so itd be nice to have personal transportation to each place. In Berkeley I would not be driving around.</p>

<p>Ya... I've been living on my own since I was 18 basically and the thought of sharing a room is not appealing at all. I think the only housing I would consider is if I got into the Wada apartments. Than I could just leave my car at my Nana's in fremont and I guess take Bart there when I wanted it?
So far I see a lot of stuff around 600-900 for decent rooms... I'm sure there will be a lot more stuff close to campus on Cal rentals...</p>

<p>@girlyshout: I had a feeling someone would reply like this</p>