The Cupcake Shop Frenzy

<p>Cupcakes and cupcake shops are everywhere all of a sudden!</p>

<p>It's a wonderful thing. :)</p>

<p>We've made it our "job" to find a cupcake shop in every town that we've visited the last year or so. Someone has to do it! If family members are traveling seperately, we sent phone photos of our cupcake finds!</p>

<p>Have you had a cupcake in particular that was to die for? A favorite shop to visit? Not too late for recommendations for summer travelers or vacationers!!!</p>

<p>Our latest stop:
Bakery</a> Gingham
Columbus, Ohio</p>

<p>We tried 3 (between 4 of us - not TOO bad!)
Buckeye Nation - chocolate cake with a homemade buckeye baked into the center with peanut butter buttercream icing
Keylime - keylime cake with vanilla buttercream icing
Red, Red Velvet - red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream icing</p>


<p>Do you have a favorite cupcake in your area or in your travels???</p>

<p>I just love Magnolia's in NYC.</p>


<p>We have 3 cupcake shops in my little town! Somehow I don't think this fad is going to last.</p>

<p>I find 90% of these cupcakes to be overmixed or overbaked or both, and not worth the calories. They are really beautiful, though.</p>

<p>You can NEVER overfrost IMO. :)</p>

<p>^^Then Magnolia in NYC would be right up your alley; 1/2 cake, 1/2 frosting...haha</p>

<p>GiGi's in Nashville area (a couple of locations). About 1/2 cake 1/2 icing. I am boring, but like the Wedding Cake ones. I love the cupcakes, but it is a true sugar overload. There is even a cupcake place near my downtown office. They sell mini-cupcakes, which is a better choice.</p>

<p>When I was a kid, one of my favorite birthday parties was a cupcake birthday party. There were lots of unfrosted cupcakes waiting for the kids to frost. The mother of the birthday child made pails of different colored frostings in vibrant colors. Then of course there was a large assortment of candies to finish decorating those cupcakes with. I don't recall what else the parents planned to keep us occupied, but I still remember those cupcakes!</p>

<p>Gee thanks! As a result of this thread I walked across the street and bought a raspberry lemonade cupcake. It was divine. Raspberry cake with lemon frosting and a fresh raspberry on the top. Didn't need it, but it was delicious!</p>

<p>Philadelphia now has two cupcake <em>trucks</em>.</p>

<p>MOWC, and you didn't get enough to share???!</p>

<p>Harriett- Where are the trucks?</p>

<p>I do not like cupcakes at all and I am "sweets" freak. I do not like regular cakes either.</p>

<p>MOWC, D says there are actually three: Call me Cupcake seems to hang around center city east(ish). Buttercream mostly tours west philly, and the third one, she says, doesn't seem to have a set schedule or route.</p>

<p>Buttercream posts a schedule: Buttercream</a> - Schedule of Stops</p>

<p>The Cupcake Station is my favorite. They have them in Birmingham, Ann Arbor, and Plymouth-- all Michigan. My favorite flavors are the Southern Red Velvet and the Chocolate Cheesecake.</p>

<p>Not sure why anyone would vacation there, but the cupcakes are great. haha</p>

<p>abasket, not sure if it counts as a vacation destination, but I guess people visiting NYC who wanted to go up to Storm King or DIA or were headed up into New England or something could stop off: Flour</a> & Sun Bakery</p>

<p>The strawberry cupcakes have fresh strawberries, the chocolate zucchini is impossibly moist, the nutella is an evil delight, and so on. Actually the best thing they do is mini-cupcakes, which are just the right size for those of us who really can't in good conscience eat a whole frosted cupcake and don't have anybody to share one with at the time (or who want to try more than one flavor).</p>


<p>Home</a> Page</p>

<p>They make the most incredible flavors, like cookies & cream and pina colada.</p>

<p>In Massachusetts, try Quebrada Bakery in Arlington and Wellesley Hills:</p>

<p>Quebrada</a> Baking Co. | 208 Mass Ave ? E. Arlington, MA 02474 | 272 Washington St. ? Wellesley Hills, MA 02481</p>

<p>They have small cupcakes which are frosted normally, so they are more like homemade.</p>

<p>They also have miniature fruit tarts, cheesecakes, mousse cups etc. for those who prefer something other than cupcakes.</p>