The curve???

<p>From your scores what do you think the curve was for math and verbal?</p>

<p>math..........800 800 780...</p>

<p>I think the curve was, for math at least:</p>

<p>800,800,780 (That's what I got), 760,750</p>

<p>Do you really think math is that generous? I only know of two I missed (although i did miss more) and got a 720. I was thinking it was 800 800 780 750 720. I can't imagine how I would miss more than three...</p>

<p>has anyone noticed next to no one ever gets a 790 on math?</p>

<p>i got a 740 math so that fits in the curve somewhere...</p>

<p>some of my friends got 790 on their math (June SAT).. Why can't I open the collegeboard website :(</p>