the Curve ?

<p>Quite frankly, I fial to see why -1MC + 10Essay = 790 is by any means draconian. Does such a degree of imperfection really merit an 800?</p>

<p>W surprised -1 on math was a 770 though; i thought the curve would be higher.</p>

<p>if -1 and 10essay got 790 and -0 and 8 essay got 770 then the curve is not that hard
last time I got -1 and 9 essay and got a 710 lol</p>

<p>Hold on--so if 770 is -1 on Math, then shouldn't a 750 be -2? I got a 750, but I never leave questions blank, so I thought it was impossible for me to get -2 since they round?</p>

<p>^ yeah it would be 51- 2.5 = 48.5 which is rounded to 49
thats why u got 750</p>

<p>The math curves are always so harsh :(</p>

<p>^^Ah, thanks I was being silly. I was thinking that they rounded the penalty to the nearest whole number (which is basically rounding down with a .5), not the raw score.</p>

<p>71 MC and 9 essay= 710 W for me</p>

<p>-2 and 11 essay also = 790.
Considering I didn't study for it and my last writing score was 620, I'm not complaining ;).</p>

<p>75 MC ad 10 essay = 760 W, for me</p>

<p>When we take the SAT, our natural tendency is to exaggerate its difficulty because we want a lenient curve.</p>