the Curve ?

<p>Give me a break! Don't tell me -1M = 770. CB is on crack.
And what's the curve for W and CR? Don't tell me -1W and 10 essay gave me a 790. </p>

<p>This is pathetic.</p>

<p>ya i know, my friend got a perfect W and 8 on essay (i don't know how), and got a 770</p>

<p>the curve is so crazy, 69 raw score W = 670, WDF</p>

<p>-1W and 10e is 790. CB is so stupid. And I think I got -5 AT WORST in CR and got 740....</p>

<p>Is the American test the same as the one in England, because that would probably explain my sub-par scores.</p>

<p>I got 690 on critical... and with all the lists, I could not find anything I got wrong. I should have EASILY got above 700, I was expecting a perfect score :/ ***?</p>

<p>-1 was 770 for math which is what I got. I think -2 was 750.</p>

<p>I got 75/80 MC and an 8(QQ) on my essay and ended up with 730.</p>

<p>Really? I got a 69 on writing, which is weird. I thought it was easy.</p>

<p>How many wrong would 71 raw MC be? I didn't omit any.</p>

<p>-5 (75/80) + 9 Essay = 750 Writing</p>

<p>The international CR curve was gay as HELL!! I swear I got 6 wrong at most, and ended up w/ a 690. 79 raw score + 9 essay = 770, ***? Even though 770 writing was WAAY past my expectations, isn't 79+10e supposed to be at least 780? And -1M = 770?! W T F. I'm perfectly psyched by my 2230 (because it's still a really good score!) but I was expecting so much more, like a 2250 at least. It would've made my day.. Anyways, my condolenses to the ones who didn't get their expected score/dream score/etc.</p>

<p>I got perfect W MC (80) and an 8 essay, and got 790.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure math was -1=770</p>

<p>How do guys know what your breakdowns are already :S</p>

<p>When I sat the test about a year/two ago (gosh that makes me feel old), we only got the section scores (i.e. CW, M and W) and nothing else - we had to wait a week or so I think, to get the actual figures on your essay and each section on its own. </p>

<p>Anyways (the reason why I came in this thread to start with), is to wish you all the best of luck and to those who didn't get their ideal scores, not to overly fret :)</p>

<p>-5 Writing (75/80) + 10 Essay = 770</p>

<p>.......... the curve was not any worse than the usual guys.. in fact, for writing it was more lenient considering a 80-9 got 800, which almost never happens.</p>

<p>math shouldn't have been -1 = 770. should've been 780.</p>

<p>also, -5 CR = 740? Hell no. That falls under 'easy test <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>That CR was not easy. CB screwed me and you guys too. </p>

<p>-1W and 10e is 790?</p>

<p>-1W and 10e being 800 is VERY rare (if it happens at all), I don't know what you are W T Fing about lol</p>

<p>Although I agree 770 for -1 on math is a bit harsh</p>

<p>Seriously this one sucked. I was expecting a 700 for CR and got a 640 (again...) Also, -1=770 in M is pretty ridiculous I think. I got an 800 in 03/10, which I believe was 800/770/740, and this test was definitely harder than that one.</p>

<p>And for Writing, 71/80 + 10 E = 730</p>

<p>D got 800 on Writing with -0 Multiple Choice and 10 Essay.
She also swears that CR was ultra-easy this time (compared to the October 2009 and January 2010 SAT test dates). Her score improved 70 points from last time, so I have to believe her.</p>

<p>Oh, and BTW, Crzy, D got 770 on Math in October 2009 and January 2010. Missed one answer both times! (Not sure about omissions though).</p>

<p>well, I still stand by my view that M was harsh. 10 pts. more would've made my day.</p>